The Rustic Wood for Your Headboard with A Little Extra Design Touch

The headboard has been becoming one of the decoration elements which can make your room looks alive. It is the main point of your bed and has the role to create rustic atmosphere, romantic, elegant or classic. Choosing the right headboard is an important part in designing furniture. Surely, there are many beds which are already installed with the headboard at the top. But, if you are a creative person and always want to create some new decorations even for a little thing one like the headboard, you can take it off and replace it with a new one indeed. Rustic wood headboard would be a good choice for you for its design is very contemporary nowadays.

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The idea of the headboard can be applied in some various forms and materials, but basically, it falls into five categories which are wood, fabric, metal, free form and art. The wood is the best choice for rustic wood headboard idea. Wood offers many design options with an affordable cost. Pallets, doors, windows, window frames, and wooden sheds can be used as an excellent background for your bed. You can create a beautiful creation with a stain or some classic door frames which are chipped. Worn wooden windows can be used as a perfect headboard as well. Here are 3 creative ideas that you can apply to your rustic wood headboard:

1. Using Cabinet as the Headboard.

It is a good idea for those who have a narrow space because you don’t need to need to put up a side table to put the small things such as ornaments, books, up to a light sleeper. All you need is making sure that the cantilever can withstand a load of goods which are on the cabinet and the harmonious between the shapes and colors with the beds.

2. The Headboard which is made of frame.

You can always use the scrap items and other objects which create a higher value. One of them is a headboard which can be made by a frame-sized painting that are not used. The things that are needed to be prepared are sandpaper, drill, paint timber, and several lengths of small diameter rope. Sanding the layer of frame for being repainted, and then drill some on the sides as holders for the strap.

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3. Paint the Headboard.

The main function of the headboard is as an sweetener element for the bedroom. If you are a painter or a painting lover, you can paint or put some different pictures that you love and widen your creativity to decorate the wall section. You need to make sure to use the paint materials that are harmless and do not sting so that the scent does not disturb your sleep activity, or you can also use the wall sticker which has interesting pictures.

The rustic wood headboard has been becoming a modern design for bedroom. It is a smart choice for you.

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