The Rules to Get Your Living Room Arrangements Right

As living room is practically the most used room in your house, it is essential to get the arrangement just right. It isn’t all about the aesthetic looks, but you need to make sure the living room arrangements promote good traffic flow to keep it comfortable and functional. Here, we will help you by giving the rules to arrange your living room perfectly!

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1. Keep the entryways clear

The first rule on living room arrangement is that there are a lot of clearance when you first step into the room. It will be such a turn off to walk around a couch or any other obstacles just to enter the living room. In fact, the entryways need to be clear to make the room more inviting, unless you want people to lose interest in spending time at your living room.

2. 3 Feet Rule

Bear in mind that your living room should have at least 3 feet of walking space. Indeed, the last thing you want is to walk and bump into walls or know into furniture piece. The 3 feet rule also works for any furniture which have drawers or doors, in order to open them properly.

3. Let the furniture pieces float

Throw away the conventional belief that all furniture should be pushed up against the walls. Instead, you can just let them float to get the cozier and more welcoming living room. Here you can start by simply pulling the seating (sofa particularly) out for at least 12” from wall. This rule will benefit you with creative living room arrangements as well, instead of just making the big group of weird space in the middle.

Delightful Living Room Arrangements Using Flowery Sofas and Pillows Cover

4. Mind the Rugs

If you cover some areas with rug, you have to make sure that any furniture piece with legs should either has its legs completely off or completely on of it. This is the common sense to ensure that nothing will wobble and make annoying noise. The tip is to not position the rugs so edges. It will also reduce the chance that someone may trip as he/she walks around.

5. The lighting

The last rule for living room arrangements is to watch out for the its lighting. You have to make sure that the shades of light will not poke someone in the eye. Also, you need to make sure the electrical and extension cords to be position strategically so no one will trip over them as they walk across the living room.

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