The Popular Options of Basement Ceiling Ideas

Basement in many houses can be the abandoned part of the house. People just use the basement as the place for storing unused possession in the house. However, since people want to utilize the space inside their home optimally, it seems like they consider adding more benefits to their basement. Many people decide to turn their basement into the space which is more usable. There will be many steps which should be followed for creating the usable space in the basement. However, finding the best basement ceiling ideas will be good start because they can make the basement into various functions easily after it. The basement can be the new family room in the house. People even can rent it to outsiders for extra income.

Bright Ceiling Lamp and Wooden Beams Used for Simple Basement Ceiling Ideas above Black Leather Sofa

There are some popular ideas for basement ceiling which can be considered for their home basement. First option is suspended ceiling. It is the first popular choice which is made from the metal frame as well as ceiling tiles. This is the basement ceiling option which is easiest to install. It also comes with great advantage because of the lightweight metal frame. Suspended ceiling can be used as temporary solution for making the basement is ready to use immediately.

Nevertheless, it can also be permanent solution for the basement. This basement ceiling type will also offer easiness for accessing the wires as well as ventilation system. The next option of basement ceiling is the stretch ceiling. Compared to suspended ceiling, this ceiling option is more expensive. Flat installation can be done with this ceiling option but it can also be made into 3D formation by stretching it. Stretch ceiling can be found in various colors. It will be perfect choice for people who love the artistic look of the ceiling.

Wooden Beams Used for Natural Basement Ceiling Ideas above Long Grey Sectional Sofa and Hardwood Flooring

Some people want to paint the ceiling so it can be suitable to the basement decoration. In this circumstance, they can try to install the drywall ceiling. However, if they install this ceiling, there will be limitation for accessing the wires and plumbing system. More difficulty can be found when people try to install this ceiling compared to the suspended ceiling. Last but not least, people can consider the acoustic ceiling tiles. This is type of ceiling which people should choose it they want to control the noise in the basement. The installation is similar to the suspended ceiling type. The access to utilities can be done easily by removing the tile.

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