The Perfect Kitchens with White Cabinets for You

White kitchen has been very popular these days and it is not hard to find the reason behind this trend. The crisp and clean design of white kitchen gives an illusion of a larger and airier space. Here the easiest piece to paint in white for your white kitchen is the cabinets. With white cabinets alone you already have like 50% of the elements needed for creating white kitchen design. So, what are the other elements needed to complete the white cabinets kitchen and create a perfect white kitchen look? Check this out!

Angelic Interior Using White Cabinet Kitchen also Brown Top Plus Chandelier

Textural Backsplash

With white cabinetry filling almost every space of your kitchen’s wall, it’s better for you to add a little bit patterns on the wall so it doesn’t look simply plain and boring. Here, the textural backsplash can be your perfect option. White the considerably matching shades like cream or grey as the background, the textural backsplash gives more creative touch to the white cabinetries on the four walls.

Hardwood floors

Installing white marble or ceramics tile for your kitchen with has white cabinetry is a big NO NO! Clean and crisp white kitchen doesn’t mean all the furniture pieces have to be in white as abundant white will only look too much and somehow blinding. The alternative flooring options for kitchen with white cabinets is hardwood floor. Whether it is oak, pine or maple, the shade of brown to red of the hardwood flooring will make a pretty contrast to the white cabinetry in the kitchen.

Beauteous Glass Backsplash also Neat White Cabinets Kitchen and TV

White island with marble counters

White Kitchen Island will be a good match for white cabinets. But remember, as Kitchen Island becomes the focal point for practically almost all kitchen, you should be careful to pick the one with the best counters. One of the best option for your white Kitchen Island is gleaming white marble counters. It becomes a nice and elegant touch for your white Kitchen Island as well as the white cabinets as the background.

Those are the major elements to combine with your white kitchen cabinets. Aside from installing white cabinets for a white kitchen design, you can also apply white kitchen cabinets to other kitchen’s design. For example, you can install white cabinets to shabby chic kitchen design. Here, you can combine the white cabinets with some pastels colors for the kitchen’s design. Besides, you can also combine the white cabinets kitchen with other black furniture pieces to create mainstream modern minimalist kitchen style.


Ravishing Cabinet and Bar Table also Built in Lamp to Decorate Kitchen


Pleasing L Shape Cabinet With Dark Countertop and Luring Backsplash Design

Radiant Wooden Cabinet With Marble Top and Backsplash also Lighting

Pleasant Kitchen Using White Cabinet With Marble Top Plus Lighting

Opulent Kitchen Decor Using Cabinet and Mini Bar Table plus Chairs

Ideal Design of White Cabinets Kitchen also Shiny Top and Ligh Fixture

Horrible Wooden White Cabinets Kitchen With Shelves and Nice Backsplash

Appealing Furniture Using White Cabinets Kitche also Lurring Chandelier Decor

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