The Meaning of Stack Stone Fireplace for Home

In western countriy houses, the use of the fireplace is a must, because of the cold weather they have. Fireplace has a function to make a fire in the room and warms the room. The design and location of the fireplace in a home is usually adjusted with the construction of a house from scratch and have to consider the location and maintenance of chimney connected to the fireplace.

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Fireplace in antiquity using wood to light a fire, but in the present, there have been automated by using an electric fireplace and has a function that is not inferior to the fireplace in the past. Fireplace has more than a tool to warm the room, it now has another important function, as the interior decoration of your home. The use of natural stones that seem strong and timeless look beautiful, especially if you have a house with a unique interior design.

Stack stone fireplace is one of the fireplace designs that are very popular since ancient times until now. Stack stone fireplace is admittedly has a design that is beautiful and expensive in the construction process. What materials are needed to build a stack stone fireplace?

All you need to build a stack stone fireplace is brick and foundation to create a framework fireplace. A mixture of cement and sand is needed in this process, to glue the bricks and solidify the foundation of the fireplace. Some strong iron rods are sometimes needed to strengthen the construction of fireplaces and fireplace as a framework on that later.

The most important material in the stack stone fireplace is the natural stones. The types of natural stone that you can use to decorate the surface of your fireplace is Ledgestone, riverstone, and limestone. In some houses, there are stack stone fireplace designs that use gravel stones. It is unique and very different, but requires precision and patience in the installation of natural stone. You can install natural stone on your fireplace to accentuate half of the stone.

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However, if you prefer, you can use the mortar that holds the stone in the wall at the same time giving a neat effect on the composition of your natural stone fireplace. Indeed, natural stones are used to decorate the surface of the fireplace has another function, namely as a conductor of heat in the room. Since a long time, humans have been using stone as one of the tools that can absorb heat and pass it in a long time. The natural stones are the artistic element of stack stone fireplace that gives your house an authentic winter concept home and comforts that the whole family would love to feel together.

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