The Best Nonslip Tile Types for Kitchen Floor Tile

By | February 15, 2022

Nonslip surfaces of kitchen floor are essential to have because the area tends to get spills of water and even oils on the floor. Nonslip kitchen floor tile will make the surface quite safe. You can choose a lot of ideal choices such as ceramic, vinyl, rubber and cork. The tiles are available in many designs that can make your kitchen looks more attractive.

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Vinyl Tiles

It is a cheap and common choice used in kitchens. The surfaces are nonslip and quite easy to maintain. To clean tiles, you only need to sweep and then mop it with lightly damp cloth, and it will look beautiful for years. The natural cushion of vinyl tiles will make it more durable. The tiles are available both in plain styles and in variety of textures, patterns, and also colors. You can use different styles to mix and match creating a unique floor design. Besides, vinyl tiles are also easy to apply. Most tiles come with self-adhesive on the back. So the application is just simply by peeling and pressing the tiles. However, it has edge seam. If it isn’t pushed perfectly, much debris and dirt will stuck in the cracks.

Ceramic Tiles

Nonslip ceramic tiles are also great choices for kitchens. Choose the strong one for kitchen area. It is available both in plain and patterned styles in various colors. The hard surface makes ceramic tiles nonabsorbent and sanitary. Seal the grout after installation to prevent it from getting dirty.

Long White Island and Metal Stools on White Kitchen Floor Tile inside Fascinating Open Kitchen

Cork Tiles

Many people choose cork tiles for the environmental qualities. It has soft but nonslip surfaces as well as feel easy on back even you should stand on the kitchen floor for a long time. Besides, it is dent resistant, durable, and easy to clean and also can reduce noise. There are many colors to choose and match to your kitchen. You have to seal the tiles after installation. It will not be damaged by occasional wetness, but can get damaged for flood.

Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles were more commonly used for commercial spaces. But now it is much used at homes. Those who are going to build a green home, this kitchen floor tile will be a great choice since it is mostly made from recycled materials. The rubber tiles are soft, very durable, naturally nonslip and also strong to stand on in long time. It comes in various color options including the bright colors. However, rubber tiles produce odor, so you may need to consider about it before purchasing the tiles.

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