The Best Inspiration for Cozy Rustic Kitchen Decor

Modern minimalist design has become people’s favorite choice for their kitchen. However, if we get back to the classic idea of a warm and cozy family kitchen, then rustic kitchen design must suit it the best. For you who’d like to design or redecorate your kitchen with rustic design, you can have some inspirations from these rustic kitchen décor ideas.

Awesome Fireplace Mantel For Rustic Kitchen Decor also wooden Cabinet

Wooden kitchen’s appliances

The major element to design a rustic kitchen is wood. We can even say that the more wooden décor in your kitchen, the more it brings up the rustic style. Here you can have carved hardwood chairs and tables, wood cabinets, wood islands, as well as wooden decoration pieces such as, wood tilt out trash cabinet, wood tray, wood vegetables bin, and etc.

Mason jar

Mason jar has also become the essential rustic kitchen décor. The design of Mason jar itself shouts ‘classic’ which matches the rustic and traditional designs. You can choose any materials, colors, and designs of Mason jar and it will makes perfect pairing with your rustic kitchen design. Not simply acting as decoration, Mason jar also can also perform functional job, such as being kitchen utensils holder, or a substitute of vase for flowers.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers work as simple yet pretty touch as rustic kitchen décor. The appearance of dried flowers is such a MUST in a rustic traditional kitchen. It’s in charge of special mission on splashing a little bit more colors to the mostly plain rustic kitchen. Aside from displaying dried flowers in a vase or Mason jar on the dining table, you can also decorate the rustic kitchen with dried flowers on the walls, above the refrigerator, on the kitchen islands, or anywhere else.

Angelic Wooden Cabinet With Dark Top For Rustic Kitchen Decor

Sign Walls

Sign walls are the common rustic kitchen décor. The most common one is the ‘E-A-T’ letters sign walls which are made of wood. Besides, you can also hang some quotes written in wood cutting boards on your rustic kitchen walls.

Silverware Artwork

If you want to have vintage rustic kitchen, you can try to hang some silverware cutlery with classic frames on your kitchen’s wall. It will definitely become a legit and sophisticated wall art you could ask for your kitchen.

Yellow Light Lamps

To make the overall design of rustic kitchen perfect, the right lighting is beyond important. Here, the chandelier or hanging pendants with yellow light are the classic rustic kitchen décor you should work with. Here, the yellow light works majorly to accentuate the warmness of the kitchen.

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