The Bathroom Wall Ideas for Beautifying Your Bathroom

People usually judge the beauty of the house not only from the outside. It could be the level of cleanliness and the beauty of the bathroom are being the criteria. Beautify the bathroom is a smart thing. There are several ways that you can do to make that happen. Choosing the bathroom furniture and the ceramics are the example for it. The essential elements to create the beauty of the bathrooms are the ceramic tiles that are applied to the walls and floor of the bathroom. Surely, it requires the accuracy to determine the motive of the ceramic bathroom which fits with the bathroom design itself.

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The bathroom tiles design for floors and walls are of course different. Especially for the wall, you could choose a more elegant motif. By the motif on the tile, the look of the bathroom would not be monotonous. When the ceramics of walls create a splash of water, it can be easily dried and does not pollute it. Moreover, if you frequently clean it, it will not appear crust that is difficult to be removed. By contrast, if you are using a regular wall without being covered with ceramic, it will make the look of the bathroom becomes less beautiful and less clean because the walls are not resistant to water seepage. Nevertheless, it is better not to install the tiles on the entire surface of the wall; it could be quite limited to an adult’s chest. It is intended to reduce the budget and make the bathroom looks more attractive. Because if you force yourself to coat all surfaces with ceramic wall, then there is your bathroom will seem strange and less beautiful. There are 3 bathroom wall ideas for you:

1. Using the puzzle type of ceramic. It is divided into four parts and it will create an image motif when it is put together. The main characteristic of this type is the surface is more visible so that it is fit to be placed in the dry zone of bathroom such as at the bottom of sink part or at the closet.

2. Using the roman motif. It is a fashionable choice of millions of family members, especially in Indonesia. The advantages include long-lasting color with special batik streaks that is interesting.

3. Using the natural stone. It has been becoming popular for several decades. It has a relaxation function for your body as well. You can combine by using the ceramic glass.

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Here are 4 tips that can be used in choosing tile for the bathroom walls:

1. Choose the ceramics that can create a harmony with the other rooms.

2. Use the same color of tiles on the floors and walls of the bathroom. Choose different sizes for wall and floor tiles. for creating the interesting visual effects, you can also install the tile diagonally.

3. Choose a paint color that contrasts with the tiles of bathroom. Use the bright colors and bold with a plain background chart and shape.

You can use a special room for a shower which can be separated by the glass to separate the wet area and dry area. It can make the bathroom tile is more durable. This bathroom design is also seen as a more modern and luxurious. The Visual interior of bathroom is influenced by the election of tile patterns in which it will affect to the aesthetics and the fineness of your bathroom. Make sure not to choose the wrong tile pattern so you do not need to spend extra cost to replace it.

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