Teenage Girl Room Ideas of Decorations

By | March 14, 2022

It is commonly found that a teenage girl changes her idea of bedroom design in only some weeks. When you plan to makeover her bedroom, you should make it adaptable. Make the design in more general look; white walls, simple furniture pieces, etc. that can harmonize with many teenage girl room ideas. Choose cheap new accessories to refresh the room and make sure you also ask your teenage daughter about comfortable space she wants.

Pink Chair and Modern Desk beside White Bookshelves and Pink Bed inside Wide Teenage Girl Room Ideas

Classic Style of Victorian Era

A feminine young girl may love shabby chic or Victorian theme bedroom design. To create this design, you need floral wallpaper at least on one wall of the room, then paint the other wall sides in pale pink or white. Use lace to make drapes on bed canopy and windows. Some floral patterns also can be applied on the comforters, sheets, and pillows. To get charming atmosphere, apply a desk, chair and bookshelves in white. Put a floral fabric skirt on the table and apply wooden pegs on the wall to have additional storage of the girl’s items.

Modern Minimalist Girl’s Bedroom Design

In a small bedroom, modern minimalist design must be a favorite of the young girl. Apply furniture pieces that are multifunctional such as cubes with hidden storage that are used as desk, chairs, table, etc. Place a twin bed against the window so it is double-functioned as daytime sofa or lounge. Use a bed platform with drawers for additional storage, and so on. Maximize the minimalist design by painting the walls in white. Apply grays for the curtains, bedspreads, sheets and rugs. Then add the accent of black or beiges. Apply metal baskets, wire fencing square for accessories storage, etc. to improve the minimalist look.

Add White Bed and Purple Bedding inside Cozy Teenage Girl Room Ideas with White Desk and Carpet

Budding Artist Style

This one of teenage girl room ideas that are best for those who want to have a bedroom studio. Apply a wall full length mirror so the girl can practice in her bedroom. If the young girl love painting or sculpturing, make a corner of the room as a space to express her idea. Otherwise, you can apply any other ideas to make her bedroom like a studio or creative workspace based on her passion of art. Paint the walls in pale green, calm blues or pastel pinks to create peaceful room that invite creative thoughts.

There are many more ideas you can express to make a special bedroom for your teenage daughter. The key is making the design based on her passion and hobby. Make the atmosphere inside her bedroom very supporting her passion. Then she will love it much.

Choose Yellow Painted Wall and Black Bedside Shelves for Unique Teenage Girl Room Ideas with Brown Sofa

Cream Bed and White Bedding facing Mirrored Dresser for Stunning Teenage Girl Room Ideas

Fabulous Teenage Girl Room Ideas with White Bed and Small Nightstand under White Table Lamp

Lovely Teenage Girl Room Ideas with Wide Bed and Purple Duvet near Round Ottomans on Hardwood Flooring

Place White Bed and Colorful Bedding beside Bookshelves in Wide Teenage Girl Room Ideas

Traditional Teenage Girl Room Ideas with Blue Bed and Old Fashioned Bench beside White Cabinet on Oak Flooring

Use Blue Theme for Comfy Teenage Girl Room Ideas with Blue Bed and White Nightstand near Study Table

Wide Black Bed and White Bedding Completing Simple Teenage Girl Room Ideas with Grey Carpet Flooring

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