Teenage Bedroom Color Schemes

When we talking about the adolescent girls of course they like things that smell sweet and feminine. as well as the color of their room to see of course they want to paint their rooms filled with beautiful flowers and beautiful colors such as pink, white, blue-green and brownish. So as a parent you will not find it so hard if it is to find a pink hue. You can create a color scheme of your teenage child’s bedroom using pink curtains, bedspreads pink motif.

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Actually teenager more know about up to date style , and they how to create it well because in this age they want to show their parent that they know the best in their life, and they do not child anymore just who depend on their parent. Although they want be independent as parent we still should give them guidance to teach them a nice color schemes and absolutely with their choice.

A few teenage bedroom color schemes ideas

1. Bright color

Try to use their favorite bright color like yellow, green, blue, purple and navy, or you can combine each color to get a luxurious color. And do not be afraid of the result because teen usually like that color so much.

2. Purple color

A lot of teen love this color, because pink is a romantic color and look like modern color too. You can combine purple adding black furniture in the bedroom to get a luxurious impression. Besides that combining of white color with billowy fabric will result a lavender room atmosphere. And you can try another color depend on your passion.

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3. Pink Color

For many teen girl pink color is one of the favorite girl color, pink is symbol color for girl. You can try riches pink color on your wall and combine with bright shade like green, sunny yellow and purple. Adding with modern furniture like sofa will make a pink color beautiful. The combination of the right color to pink is usually a white color that can be applied to bedroom accessories such as curtains and cushions.

4. Neutral or warm brown

Neutral color is suit for a teen boy, actually boy’s life is simple they don’t like something bright like a girl. That is why neutral and brown is the smart choice for teen boy. Try neutral or warm brown with accent in blue, green, and orange. And the navy color will look good with accent in green.

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