Teen Boy Bedding: What Should We Do?

By | June 8, 2022

Have you had difficult experience when it comes to design your teen boy’s room? What makes it hard to decide? Is it because your boy has his favorite color that you do not like? Or it is about furniture that your boy does not like but you want to add it in his room?

Sailing Boat Themed Teen Boy Bedding Completing Cozy Bedroom with Wooden Dresser on Hardwood Flooring

So basically the miscommunication between parents and the teen boy is the key. Make some questions to answer together with your boy what kinds of teen boy bedding he wants.

If you have reached the agreement with your boy about the color or theme of the room, you can start discussing about the furniture. The furniture and the design should focus on the functionality because your teen boy is still studying so many aspects should you consider well.

What furniture should be in the teen boy?

– A desk

– A storage or bookshelves

– A bed frame and the bed

– Other alternative can use spring bed

– If you want to add bathroom inside your boy’s room, you should think about the toiletries, mat, towels, and shower or bathtub.

– A cupboard

– Hangers’ place either for standing or hanging on the wall type

So now let’s talk about the concept. Please remember that boy does not like too complicated design in their room. The simpler, the better. So, here are some examples for the teen boy bedding:

Choose this Teen Boy Bedding for Brown Leather Bed in Traditional Bedroom with Oak Nightstand

1. Bunk beds with colorful carpet

Bunk beds are very functional if you have 2 kids. Some parents allow the kids sleep in 1 room with bunk beds even they are different gender. But for some other parents, one kid for one room. The consideration is to teach that every kid has their own privacy.

The bunk bed frame can be one solid color, for example white. Then you can make little contrast color on the bed sheet by using chocolate color. So how’s with the floor?
For the floor, if you use parquet floor which has wood – like color, you can add carpet with colorful yet matches to the natural theme from the wood floor color. The carpet can be in green, grey, white, black, brown and soft blue.

2. Brighter Room for Teen Boy

For brighter concept, you can change the wall paint use mint leaves green color. Then the bed sheet or pillow sheet, you can choose orange or dark green. For the furniture, just choose all – white color. Then for the carpet, choose color with brown.

Appealing Teen Boy Bedding for Sport Themed Bedroom with Grey Tables and White Chair

Colorful Details on Grey Teen Boy Bedding Decorating Simple Bed in Minimalist Bedroom with Hardwood Flooring

Complete Traditional Green Bed with Minimalist Teen Boy Bedding inside Green Themed Bedroom using White Side Table

Dark Blue Bed and Fabulous Teen Boy Bedding Located beside Small Nightstand and Table Lamp

Decorate Simple White Bed with Grey Teen Boy Bedding beside White Computer Desk and Metal Chair

Fill Cozy Bedroom with Wide Bed and Blue Teen Boy Bedding beside Wooden Nightstand on Laminate Flooring

Place Unusual Red Table Lamp on White Side Table in Awesome Bedroom using White Bed and Rock Teen Boy Bedding

Use Dark Blue Duvet in Appealing Teen Boy Bedding for White Bed inside Comfy Bedroom with Wide Carpet

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