Suggested Ideas for Laundry Room Design

Laundry room is often be ignored when someone is making house design. Laundry room is small room but for housewives it is one of the important rooms in the house. If you are interested to make laundry room design, these tips may help you creating an efficient laundry room. Have a look.

Best Decorating in Laundry Room Design with Big White Cabinets close Blue Wall

The right location

Most people use basement as their laundry room. They afraid if they put washing machines upstairs, its noise and vibration will be too disturbing and annoying. However basement is not the right location for laundry room since it will be too exhausted to back and forth take the basement stairs. In fact, the right location for laundry room is near the children’s bedrooms or near back door. That way you can still watch your children while you do the laundry or you can save more times to take your laundry in and out the backyard for air drying. However you have to select the washing machines which will not be too noisy and vibrate too much.

Consider the task

To create maximum efficiency, you need to consider the tasks which usually involved in laundry room like sorting, washing, drying, folding and ironing the clothes. Arrange the appliance in the right order so the task flows will run smooth. Keep your laundry products on the floating open shelves above appliances for easy accessibility.

Consider appliances measurement

Front-loading washing machines will take different spaces with on top-loading washing machines. Front-loading washing machine will need extra space to let its door open properly. You also need to consider the space for traffic lane where you can walk safely without knocking the sharp corner of the appliances.

Comely Red Wallpaper Picture and Modern Machine on Sleeky Floor

Countertop for folding

Create a place for folding the clothes once they were dry like countertop. To save the space and give maximum efficiency, it is recommended to install the countertop above the dryer.

Divide the zones

Divide the laundry room into two different zones. The first is the wet zone where you put washing machine and laundry sink for hand washing and the second is the dry zone where you put the dryer, countertop to fold the clothes, hanger for air-drying the clothes and the iron-board. By putting washing machine and laundry sink side by side, you can build the plumbing lines more efficient.

Install good lighting

The good laundry room design is the one which has good lighting. Install lighting above the appliances so you can sort the clothes based on colors and see if there are any stains on the clothes. If you have laundry room in the basement, besides the main lighting don’t forget to install windows to let natural lights coming into basement. You won’t feel scare or suffocating anymore if the room is bright enough.

Intense White Cabinets under Small Downlight in Large Brown Ceiling

laundry room narrow

Modern Furniture in Best Laundry Room Design with Pure White and Dark Color Accent

Nice Ceramics Floor Color Accent in Laundry Room Design with Calm White Cabinets

Pastel Color Acceent in Best Furniture with Great Big Cabinets

Preety Red Furniture Accent with Wooden Door on Streaky Parquet

Simple Design for Laundry Room Design with Best Furniture and Large Chalk Wall

Bright Ambience from Chalk Color Accent in Laundry Room Design with Long Cabinet

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