Stylish and Functional Kitchen Renovation Ideas

By | March 13, 2022

Here are some kitchen renovation ideas for you if you want to do something to your kitchen. You can design your kitchen to be more stylish and functional.

Excellent Furniture For Kitchen renovation Ideas Using Lush Bar Table

1. All Open

Choose open shelves for your kitchen. Rather than having upper cabinets, open shelves will give you more space and make your small spaces look bigger. Install the shelves in standard height of the cabinets. Moreover, you can do your DIY shelves if you have more time. This makes your shelves become more exclusive.

2. Improve Your Appliances

Nowadays, having energy-efficient kitchen appliances is very popular. For example dual stove with double ovens, high-tech range hood, energy-saved fridge, and water-saved dishwasher. Those kitchen appliances are what you need in renovating your kitchen.

3. Improve Hardware

You can improve the personality of your kitchen with new cabinet hardware. Creating a solid look by mixing the pulls and knobs which has similar style can be one of the kitchen renovation.

4. Pay Attention to Ceilings

Give different texture and color to the ceilings. The tiles on the ceiling can show the antique and they match with the floor which is laminated. You can paint them in the same color shade.

5. Make a Blast

Having classic white tile is a cheaper way but it will be great impact if you add a blast on it. Apply a herringbone style to give more splash and color to the walls.

Dainty Lighting Fixture and Neat Furniture For Kitchen Renovation Ideas

6. Repaint

Renovating the kitchen is having a good start and freshness. Repaint the cabinets, walls and ceilings with your favorite color. Make sure you choose the one which is appropriate with your budget. You can find some recommendation online.

7. Keep It Quiet

If the sound of slamming doors disturb you, so it is time for you to install soft glides and hinges. You should install them on your drawers as well. This small renovation will help you to say goodbye to those annoying sounds.

8. Brighten It Up

Lighten your kitchen up with more ceiling light. You can add your available lighting or change it. The lighting will set your mood so different lighting will lead to the new atmosphere. It is better if your lighting can be set by the dimmer.

9. Custom It

Get your shelves laminated so your countertops will be looked new. You can add more metal brackets as the basis to be more stylish. Then you can continue to give metallic tones to your faucet, appliances and hardware.

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