Styles of Wrought Iron Bed Frames for Your Bedroom Interior

Wrought iron bed frames have been used since middle age. They were produced by handmade. Europeans and Americans people were familiar with this kind of bed frames. It took days to make one unit of wrought iron bed frames. Starting from iron forming to finishing, the manufactures in USA tried to compete with Europe’s market. The various models of wrought iron bed frames were improving until the World War I ended. After the war, bed frames manufacturers continued to produce the demand.

Tantalizing Bed With Wrought Iron Frames Betwee Cool Table Lamp

In this era, people still love wrought iron bed frames. The mass productions of bed brands are price competing in international market. With specific number of order, we can buy them online and ship internationally. The iron beds have been symbol to many people for its elegance and class status. Although the price can be affordable, but the long lasting materials make iron beds are favorite for particular famous designers. Until now, the influence of British victorian designs on wrought iron bed frames can be seen on the current bed markets, although the factories also produce modern and American designs.

Western Bed Models

The raise of western model on wrought iron bed frames were defined with its simple designs. The usage of iron pipe or flat metal in this bed making process does not eliminate the strength look of them. Finishing for wrought iron bed frames with this model can be painted in many color options. Pastel color or black and white is popular.

Victorian Models

Bed frames made during victorian was luxury and had complicated designs on the frame decoration. They were colored with gold or silver, to make them look fabulous. Some models are using four fosters and canopy so they look vintage and expensive. The canopy has function too, to avoid mosquito attack by putting canopy curtains around the bed fosters.

Lavish Design of Wrought Iron Bed Frames also Ceiling Lamp Van

Modern Bed Frames

These days, other models of wrought iron bed frames have been produced. This modern style use minimalist iron and really designs them with minimum materials. The strong line of the bed frames also define this modern style. They really definitely have different shape of bed framed compared to the old designs. These models are fit with modern house and small apartment or studio interior design.

In order to purchase wrought iron bed frames, you can buy the available products from the catalogues at the furniture stores. They are also available at the hypermarket. Custom size and models can be ordered to the closest blacksmith that make windows iron frame. Handmade products are still favorite, but they cost a lot.

Delicate Bedroom With Wrought Iron Bed Frame also Wall Art Plus Lamp

Frantic Wrought Iron Bed Frame also Charming Pillows Plus Long Bench

Grand Wrought Iron Bed Frames also Corner Arm Chair Plus Bench Decor

Horrible Ceiling Lamp Van also Wall Decor Plus Bed With Wrought Iron Frames

Interesting Bedroom With Iron Bed Frames also Wall Lamps Decor

Minimalist Bedroom With Lush Bed Under Chandelier also Rustic Table

Stylish Design Of Wrought Iron Bed Frames also Flowery Cover

Wonderful Animal Wall Art Plus Bed Using Wrought Iron Frame Beside Van

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