Stunning Accent Wall Color Ideas for Bedroom

Dealing with accent wall color for decoration is always exciting. All people must want their bedroom decoration looks stunning. It appears that many ways people can do to redecorate their bedroom. The easiest way is to give some accent to your bedroom wall. You may think it is very simple. However, the simplicity from the accent will spread your visual focus to the wall.

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Afterwards, the wall will look somehow more interesting. Besides, you can also give an accent as a vocal point to your wall so that you will have a meaningful bedroom wall. It is clear that there many ways you can do to give some accents to your bedroom wall. Here are some ideas that may inspire you to make your bedroom wall color looks more colorful.

Painting Accent Wall Color Idea

Giving your bedroom wall color is the first idea. Wall painting itself is very general. There are so many kind of painting that you can give to your bedroom wall color. Character painting is the most common one. It is very clear that you will paint a character to your bedroom wall. The character can be so subjective from the owners of the bedroom, such as their favorite character from comic or even an abstract character.

Besides, the character itself is supposed to be the center of the attention of the wall paining. You will really pay attention to the positioning of the character. Furthermore, the background must also support the character white build the ambience to the whole part of the room. Wall painting is not always about painting a character. You can also bring the natural atmosphere to your bedroom by painting vines to your bedroom wall. The lush vines simply will make your bedroom feel so fresh and comfortable. Besides, the ambiences can also promote the room to feel more relaxing to the owners.

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Painting Techniques Idea for Accent Wall Color

Some different painting techniques for wall accent can build different atmosphere to your bedroom wall. In general, there are two painting techniques frequently used by people to give some accent to their bedroom wall. The first in ombre painting. The idea of ombre painting simply makes gradation to the wall. Such technique will make your bedroom looks larger.

Besides, it will build a strong ambience. You will be as if in the real place where your wall painting shows. The picture of beach at twilight is usually most chosen. The second technique is a technique that creates geometrical shapes as the accent. Cubism painting is most frequently chosen patter for this technique. Thus, it is absolutely yours to choose what accent wall color you will have.

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