Studio Apartment Ideas That Takes Your Heart Into It

Are you living in the apartment? Do you want to change the layout of your apartment? Have the ideas?

Finding ideas for changing the layout of an apartment is not that easy. How can it be so difficult to start renovating it?

Tidy Back Bookshelves as Living Room and Bedroom Separator for Awesome Studio Apartment Ideas

– You need extra time to move all the things you have in the apartment first
– Applying what you want that you may find from the internet or merely your imagination is not simple thing to be applied as it is in the real thing
– Ideas does not always walk together with the reality. You might have non-proportional shape or size of your apartment
– You definitely need extra money for the renovation.

If you think you have fulfill all the challenges you may find above during the renovating and redecorating the layout of your apartment, it’s time to make new layout using your studio apartment ideas.

Here are some examples of the ideas:

1. Simple Rich Studio
a. White Small Space Inside Studio
To make your small space in the apartment look bigger, so paint most of the walls and lots of your furniture with white color.
b. Use up all the spaces as storages
Have you ever noticed that spaces above your kitchen can be filled up by some boxes in or as the cabinets to keep the little items stay tidy? Put all your stationeries, nail polishes, baking or cooking supplies there. How big spaces you have saved for the other need, right?
c. Buy functional furniture
Nowadays there are lots of home supplies are ready for small house or room. There are sofa bed, dining and ironing table, etc.

Amazing City View from Modern Studio Apartment Ideas with Glass Top Table and Grey Sofa

2. Little Glamorous Room
a. Use nesting table as the exchange for your wasting-space side tables.
b. Use LED TV that will help you save extra space in the living room area. Or just leave it injected inside the wall and you can see the TV from the bed.
c. Choose gray that will make your studio apartment ideas go perfect. Not too plain like white nor too much coloring in the small space.
d. Give some big mirrors
Mirror will definitely help you to make big space impression. You can place it along the front door until the next area or just have medium size around the kitchen or living room.

3. Girly Points of the Studio
a. Paint the wall with white color
b. Use bamboo furniture. Find with thin sizes.
c. Use black or dark blue mat below the sofa or side tables
d. Use pink or magenta bed sheet
e. A flower vase will give the girly touch more beautiful
f. If you don’t like pink and friends, just pick another pastel colors then mix and match with other dark colors

4. Pattern Motive Genre
a. Paint the wall with one pastel color
b. Use patterned pillow sheet for your sofa and on the bed.
c. Use motive pillow sheet to color up the living room
d. The motive can be words or just drawings / pictures

Black Dining Table Set Completing Brilliant Studio Apartment Ideas with Small Kitchen on Hardwood Flooring

Choose Simple Computer Desk and Yellow Chair for Open Home Office Space from Studio Apartment Ideas

Exposed Brick Wall Decorating Studio Apartment Ideas for Bedroom with Wide Bed and Planted Wooden Shelves

Fluffy Sofa and Grey Chair Placed inside Studio Apartment Ideas for Living Room with Green Table

High Black Bookshelves as Room Separator for Brilliant Studio Apartment Ideas with White Sofa and Dresser

Modern Studio Apartment Ideas using Open Floor Plan with Grey Sofa and Ottoman near Grey Oak Dining Table

Place Black Tufted Sofa and Wooden Coffee Table for Open Living Room in Studio Apartment Ideas

Use Small Studio Apartment Ideas with White Dining Table Set and Fluffy Sofas on Laminate Flooring

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