Stop the Boring House with Boys Room Paint Ideas

When the weather is not very friendly this season, you might hope that your boys would stay home and play inside the house. Yes, if you consider about their safety and health. But sometimes, boys have a lot more outdoor activities to be compared to girls. Boys are always busy with footballs and games, especially if they have friends nearby.

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Beside their busy play time outside the house that attracts boys more, the boring home design can be another factor stops them to stay inside. This is time for you to change your home interior design, if so. Renovation for the boys bedroom are not always expensive, especially if you do it yourself. First, start the project with the wall painting. Imagine what are they boys favorite color? Not pink, for sure. Boys always love masculine but still fun thematic color on their bedroom wall. The comfortable atmosphere can be created by applying a nice painting that will widen their imagination and creativity, but still, make them comfortable in sleeping.

Two Tone Color Combination

A bedroom wall color can be boring unless you combine it with other color that makes the room alive and dynamic. Boys always like blue. Any blue color gradation is perfect. You can combine the same color with different grade for a bedroom. Before you purchase the paint, it is much adorable if you discuss the desired color with your children. Make them involved in this boys room paint ideas moment this season. Another neutral color can be taken to accompany blue, like black, white, orange, or grey is great. Color combination can be done for each wall. You can paint one side in blue and the rest in grey. However, making a two tone color combination in one wall is also nice.

Boys Like Stripes

Why don’t you try making a new atmosphere for the boys bedroom by painting the wall in few colors together? Start with the dark color in the bottom and continue painting the same wall with the lighter colors. These color stripes has other function: to make the decoration easy to place. If you do this painting project yourself, you can put string on the wall to be the border for each color. Remember, you can paint the wall with horizontal or vertical paint.

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This boys room paint ideas can be completed by putting the suitable photo frames of their special moment or their own paintings. It is nice, isn’t it?

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