Stone Fireplace Surround Ideas

Having fireplace in the house can be great investment for people because the fireplace can instantly be the focal point in the house. There are various kinds of fireplace which can be found and many people love to see the fireplace which is made from stone. The stone will bring the natural look and feel into the space. Now, if people want to get this effect in their home, there are some ideas which can be applied for making sure that the fireplace can look great with stone material in the house. The stone fireplace surround can look attractive with these ideas.

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People can have the house with any style but having the fireplace will always be a great way for enhancing the house with any kind of style. When people are cobblestone, they will imagine about the character of the old world. If people love this kind of character in their house, there is no need to hide the cobblestone detail of the fireplace. It can be used as the frame of the fireplace. When it is combined with the traditional decoration ideas, people can get the sophisticated result. The texture of the cobblestone frame for the fireplace will catch people’s attention easily.


Some people love the nostalgic touch which can be found from the fireplace. It can be enhanced much further by making the lifted foundation for the fireplace. Besides giving the nostalgic touch, it will also be useful for increasing the function of the fireplace. Since the foundation is lifted, there will be space which can be used for underneath storage. It must be a great place for keeping the woodpile for instance. This method will also offer the crane which must be useful for cooking up the meal over the open flame. It is just like thing from the past.

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Stone Veneer

If people have the drab hearth of fireplace, they can consider dressing it up by using the stone veneers. It will not be difficult to find the stone veneer since it is kind of manufactured product. Nevertheless, people can find it great for adding the stone warmth in the room. The good thing about this option is that people do not have to spend much money for this method. For getting the authentic appearance, people should consider about using the brick liners for the firebox. Compared to laying bricks, this method will be simpler and more affordable. The fireplace will look stunning as well.

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