Stay Organized with These Shoe Storage Ideas

By | October 28, 2021

Sneakers, high heels, brogues, flats, boots and sandals have their own specific characteristics, particularly those related to their shapes and dimension. So what then? Why do we have to bother about their shapes? You will only know if you have ever been in annoying situations, trying to slip a pair of your boots in a full unorganized closet.

So, how can we get out of this with a solution? Here are some shoe storage ideas you can use.

Creative Ottoman with Hidden Shoe Storage to Keep More Space of Small Home

Various Heights of Shelf Spaces

The most common storage space for shoes is several rows of open shelves placed by the wall, either portable or built-in. Unfortunately, often those shelves are not made to provide efficient usage. All rows are spaced evenly, while in fact every type of shoe has different height or dimension. So, why not spacing out the rows based on the characteristics of your shoes? Low for flats and high for boots. This idea would help you use the space more efficiently. Yet, you might have to spend more budget for buying custom shoe shelves.

Visible and Reachable Area

There is a reason why open shelves suit the best with shoe storage ideas; it prevents you from wasting much time and energy for reaching the pair you wish to take on. But, having open shelves ready in your walk-in closet is not enough. It would function properly and effectively if you can find the right spot of where you are going to see the pairs clearly and easily. The wall facing the door of you walk-in closet is considered to be the most perfect area for placing the shelves.

Classic Style Shoe Storage Idea in White to Also Provide Flat Surface on Top to Keep Things

Pullout Drawer

Narrow spaces at the bottom of your closet can be used to slip in a pullout drawer. This pullout drawer can efficiently maximize vertical area inside your walk-in closet. Yet, it might not be quite suitable for owners with a massive number of shoe pairs. Imagine how many pullout drawers you have to make to place all the pairs. However, this one is undeniably brilliant among some shoe storage ideas you might have heard before.

Individual Boxes

Last but not least, consider bringing in some open wooden boxes to you closet to place your loved shoes. This storage idea is inspired by some people’s need of protecting their shoes from excessive dust, besides keeping them dry. Another upside of one of these shoe storage ideas is you can adjust the sizes based on the shoe sizes.

Simple Foyer Desingn with Shoe Storage and Wall Shelve with Hooks

Smart Bench Shoe Organizer to Keep More Shoes and Hide Them Inside

Inspiring White Bench with Shoe Storage and Shelving for Small Baskets

Excellent Shoe Storage Idea for Small Space with Open and Closed Shelving Units

Alluring Shoe Storage Idea Mounted on Wall of The Hallway to Walk in Closet

Unique Original Leonard Parker Shoe Storage in Rounded Shape for Stylish Furnishing

Unusual Shoe Storage Idea to Vertically Arrange the Shoes to Display

Perfect Walk in Closet with Special Space to Keep Shoe with White Shoe Storage

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