Standard Coffee Table Dimensions to Compensate the Seating Surrounding

Tables come with variety of shapes and sizes, whether it is a dining table, an office table, or even a coffee table. Measurement becomes an important thing. A small room with a giant table will not give any cohesive look. Likewise, a spacious room with a small table is not perfect too. A coffee table probably is a furniture you look for to decorate your living room or family room. You need a perfect size that fits your couches and space of your room. Here is the guidance to get a better comprehension about coffee table dimensions. Take a look of it before your decide to buy.

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Standard Coffee Table Dimensions

If you are going to buy a coffee table, the first thing you need to do is take a look at the size of your couch or sofa. The measurement of a coffee table depends on the size of seats surrounding for the sake of comfortable movements and nice look. In term of height, a coffee table should be one or two inches lower than the couches, so it is about 3 or 6 centimeters lower.

For width, a coffee table will look nice if its size is two-thirds of the length of the couches. The one that is too long will make a traffic in the room. It will compete rather than compensate and will not give you space to stretch your legs comfortably. However, too small coffee table will create imbalance instead. There will be no enough space to put cups and other objects.

Placement cannot be neglected. A coffee table should be 12 to 18 inches, or 36 to 54 centimeters in space with the couches surrounding. Adequate space gives you easy access to move from one couch to another. Too narrow space will oppress your legs when you are going to move out from the couch. While the distance that is too wide will render difficulty in putting and taking objects from the table. Speaking about the shape, a coffee table must suit your taste. Some of them have rectangular shape, oval shape, or round shape. You need to consider the size too.

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Small room will look better with a smaller coffee table. The sofa takes essential role too in compensating the room’s balance. It must suit the size of the coffee table. Well, if you are about to start arranging your living room furniture, buying couches first is suggested. After that, you can start to enjoy your time picking up a coffee table by considering this standard dimensions information.

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