Southern Living Low Country House Plans

By | February 2, 2023

Southern Living Low Country House Plans – When you look at this beautiful house Does the balcony stand out to you? It’s done to me, I’d love to live with it now! The lines are beautiful, it looks spacious. Just wait until you see inside! #Itza Beauty

This is the Lowcountry Farmhouse Plan by Court Atkins Group for Southern Living (SL 2000) – This plan is 2,754 square feet, with 3-4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

First of all, the fact that it has an amazing front porch and outdoor living space with a large screen are two big bonuses! You enter the hall when you walk in. The hall opens up to the assembly room – it’s really a very spacious area! To the left of this plan is the daily dining area – I love that it’s not a large formal dining room. A dining room that can be used every day – where it is comfortable and functional is amazing! The dining area opens up to a great kitchen – and it really is a kitchen! Next to the kitchen is the back kitchen. I really like this idea Completely invisible kitchen, perhaps? A great place to store/use appliances like mixers, etc. Also note the excellent walk in the pantry! *dizzy* There’s also a washing area and half a tub.

For Sale: 3980 Ten Shillings Way, Hollywood, Sc 29470

Outside the collection is a spacious space with stairs on one side and the entrance to the main suite on the other.

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

The outdoor terrace area is beautiful and note that there is also a fireplace! Can you imagine gathering on the back porch using the wonderful fireplace to toast and spending the evening? Sounds like a dream right?

The upper floors of the Lowcountry Farmhouse have storage space (woot woot!). Each two-bedroom suite has a bathroom and walk-in closet. What more could you ask for?

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

Perfect Mountain Cottage

Interested in seeing this plan (eg garage, bonus room, etc.) inside and out – it’s great! Click here!

All pictures via and Used with permission… Images are not intended for construction or reproduction. but is the property of the design company.

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

All images are copyright © by me or the person/company I offer. Please inquire. I know this is the second hour I’m sharing with you this week from the February issue of Southern Living. But believe me, this is something you don’t want to miss. I think we can all agree that Sarah Bartholomew’s work is flawless and what better way to start on Friday than to see more of her work! I’ve seen photos here and there from this project she completed last summer. But I haven’t seen all the houses… until now. Imagine my happiness when I opened it. .February issue

Award Winning Home Designs

On today’s tour, Bartholomew transforms the newly built Palmetto Bluff home with her signature serene palette. Effortlessly elegant style and expert editing. The house is a country farmhouse style, and Bartholomew wanted to make sure the interior was relaxing. It evokes the timeless charm and elegance of Palmetto Bluff. It’s safe to say that she feels relaxed as the home shines positively with a sense of comfort and relaxation. but also polished and elegant

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

Bartholomew extended the blue and white theme throughout the house. and combines rustic elements and unique weather with traditional furniture and antiques. as well as modern art The end result is perfect and if you haven’t got the latest version of

You need it too! Just be warned that you will gush many times – it’s really beautiful! Have a great weekend!

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

House Plans With Windows For Great Views

Greenery and fresh greens add freshness to this cozy blue and white living room.

This bathroom is the epitome of relaxation. Floating bathtubs and accent furniture create a beautiful retreat. while the bright cornflower blue trim on the Roman shade allows the eye to look upward, making the room appear larger.

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

P.S. If you want Get The Look inspired by Sarah Bartholomew’s work, you can find it here!

Bedroom Moreland Village Home 5738

Explore our curated directory of designers, architects, landscape designers and more to help you build the home of your dreams. We all don’t want to secretly move to a distant place. Build a classic white farmhouse. And raise ducks, right? No? even if you don’t You will surely enjoy this beautiful and functional antique farmhouse.

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

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Of course, a farmhouse is every home that can be built into a farm. But a typical American farmhouse is much more than a country house plan. It looks like a rectangle. gable roof simple lines A little extra decoration or something fancy? It was built for real use. They often have spacious covered verandas for sitting and working outside. Not just for decoration

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

South African House Plans For Sale

The farmhouse took a little longer. no garage It is usually two layers. and almost always built with siding, wooden windows and other simple materials. in my opinion Eliminating adjacent garages is essential if you want your farmhouse to look truly outdated. If this is your favorite look These seven beautiful plans will be all you need. They have different square footage. Different locations for Master Suites and a slightly different style But they all have the same feeling.

I started with this one because it’s my favorite. Authentic, humble. And it seems that it can be built inexpensively. due to its relatively small size It’s a quintessential old farmhouse. all white narrow windows veranda all around and gable roof

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

The interior is equally charming, with a fireplace wrapped in bookshelves, private rooms and a screened porch that opens onto the living room. Upstairs there is a simple master suite and two cozy children’s rooms. and just look at the kitchen

Home Tour: Soothing Lowcountry Southern Charm

There is a very good thread on Gardenweb that talks about this plan and the modifications some people have made. Some people have posted their personal inner pictures and they are beautiful.

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

This one is a little bigger and a bit more fancy. But it’s still extremely simple and beautiful. It is a full two-storey building. It has a more New England exterior. Just look at how beautiful it is! It looks east coast and very primitive.

And the interior is amazing. You’ll want to check the floor plan, which has four spacious bedrooms. including a large master bedroom upstairs open plan and a private study room with a built-in fireplace. Speaking of stoves…

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

Beach And Coastal House Plans From Coastal Home Plans

This house by Moser Design Center combines classic American style on the outside with a great floor plan inside. There is an open kitchen and family room. with hidden dining room and office space that can be completely closed

Anna at That New House created the Glenview Cottage plan and detailed it on her blog. She also posted a video introducing the interior, which is very convenient for anyone interested. It’s a beautiful house plan!

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

This is a house plan that is very popular right now. And we almost built it ourselves. It’s the perfect blend of an old-fashioned farmhouse exterior and a much more modern floor plan. How charming it looks on the outside! It has a similar feel to Field of Dreams, but has a more modern interior.

House Plans For The Ultimate Home › Nelson Design Group

The layout is modern with an open floor plan. And it’s a good size at about 2300 square feet. I love that it has a master suite on the ground floor. And then there’s the children’s area upstairs with two bedrooms plus a playroom and a loft. If you want something that’s practical and modern but still glamorous. This is the perfect plan for you.

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

Check out the floor plan here, a definite winner as it is very popular. There are quite a few accounts on Instagram that have this plan as well. Here are some you’ll want to browse and follow:

This is the smallest farmhouse floor plan on this list. But it’s the kind that I really like. It gives a country feel, but will definitely suit a house in a city or a narrower space. How cute and hut-like on the outside it is!

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

Low Country Open Floor Plan

Now on a little over 1,500 square feet. It’s definitely worth living. But there are three good sized bedrooms. The open layout does not take up space. and a separate laundry and dressing room.

And there are many charming and old-fashioned details. This style of plan will be perfect either in the city or in the countryside.

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

This country house designed by John Tee has a very traditional exterior. until it can almost be called a farmhouse looks like a country house

Barndominium Plans (popular Barn House Floor Plans)

It has a very large main floor with 3 bedrooms and the option of 1-3 additional bedrooms upstairs. This is a large and original plan, separated.

Southern Living Low Country House Plans

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