Some Ideas to Design Bunkbeds Including Bunk Beds with Storage

Most homeowners choose bunkbeds to save space in their children’s bedroom. If you plan so, there are many design options to make bunk beds with storage, bookcases, desks, and also shelves. If the bunkbeds are going to be used for vacation home or cabin, making back to back bunkbed might be a great idea. For the kids’ room, you can make the design based on their favorite theme such as castle, cottage, car, pirate ship, etc. Any design you choose to make the bunkbeds. Make sure the bed is safe enough for the kids or anyone that is going to sleep on.

Decorate Boys Bedroom with Dark Wooden Bunk Beds with Storage and White Carpet Rug near Blue Painted Wall

Brainstorm the Design Ideas

This first step is important to collect all design ideas in your head and then you can write the ideas down. Also plan the sleeping spaces needed and the materials to use, such as wrought iron, lumber, plastic, or other materials. You also need to plan the bed layout like one over another, loft design, or L shaped deign. Consider about the mattress size too; whether you will use one or two twin size mattress; or one or two full size mattresses.

The Features to Have on the Bunkbeds

Most bunkbeds come with kinds of features such as bunk beds with storage of drawers or cupboards, built-in walls or bookcase, shelves, desk, slide, etc. The most necessary features must be the priority to build with the bunkbed. For instance, make extra storage as the feature to maximize the space in a small room, a desk for the study room of the kids, or any other reasons. Determine the theme or character that is going to apply so it is loved by the kids. Decide the other necessities such as lighting, the paint and finishing, as well as the small things like knobs for the storage drawers, and so on.

Place Wooden Bunk Beds with Storage and Slide for Comfy Kids Bedroom with Laminate Flooring and White Wall

Measure the Space

It is important to know the exact space for the bunkbed in your kids’ room. Measure the space well and use a piece of graph paper to plan the scaled elevation in similar floor plan. Make the wall’s height and width on scale. Then continue to make the bed design in the same scale. You may make another design on another piece of graph paper to design another bunk bed or make it in different perspective.

The on-paper design will help you consider whether the bed will be too big, too small or in the right size. When you have found the right design, then go to the home improvement store to purchase all materials needed to build the bunk bed.

Appealing Tent Details for White Bunk Beds with Storage inside Fun Kids Bedroom with Grey Painted Wall

Choose Old Fashioned Oak Bunk Beds with Storage for Minimalist Bedroom with Laminate Hardwood Flooring

Complete Lovely Girl Bedroom with White Bunk Beds with Storage near White Dressing Table on Laminate Flooring

Green Bunk Beds with Storage and Flowery Bedding facing Round Carpet on Grey Concrete Flooring

High Blue Wardrobe Cabinet and Clothes Hanger Completing Bunk Beds with Storage on White Flooring

Minimalist Black Bunk Beds with Storage and White Bedding for Simple Teen Kids Bedroom on White Flooring

Old Fashioned Bunk Beds with Storage and White Bedding Completing Spacious Bedroom with Hardwood Flooring

The Cozy Teen Boy Bedroom using Single Bunk Beds with Storage near Wooden Desk and Chair

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