Some Ideas of Front Yard Landscaping for a Small Front Yard

Even you only have small space, it doesn’t mean that you can make great impact with the front yard landscaping ideas you have. You can make something awesome by using the features and other items you have in your home. Make great differences with small updates although you don’t have large room for planting. Before you use some landscaping ideas, ensure you check the rules of homeowners association about plants and structures for the front landscaping.

Stone Pathway and Beautiful Flowers Used in Sensational Front Yard Landscaping near Old Fashioned House Entry Area

Create an Identity on the Entrance

Highlighting the front door is the first point to consider about front yard landscaping, besides creating warm welcome for the visitors. Color the front door brightly to make the entrance’s identity. Additionally, you also can enhance the walkway by applying low evergreens on every path’s side and small annuals’ bedding beside the path. Otherwise, small planters group in different sizes on the porch can also be a great idea for small front yard.

Choose the Right Plants for Small Front Yard

Choosing evergreens is a great idea to get the color year around. You also can add some colorful perennials for seasonal variances. The best perennials are such as daffodils that grow well giving sunny color in early spring to winter. Besides, dahlias with the bright colors are also great choice for its long growing season. For the late summer, you can have Pee Wee dwarf that gives white – pinkish white flowers.

Interesting House Facade and Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping with Pink Flowers and White Pebble Pathway

More highlighting Things

The things that have already been in your small front yard also can become things that highlight the front yard landscaping. Plant small plants or climbers at the bottom of mailbox and lamppost. It will create great impact without needing new structures.

Hanging Gardens

Planters are great solution for small garden space. Hang some basket planters beneath your porch roof to create vertical garden. Also have some window boxes to add color and textures as well as architectural detail to your home. Choose the right size and shape of planters so they can be suitable with your home and the gardening space. The options are ranged from planter railings, standing planter, trellis, etc. Find some ideas of vertical gardening to optimize the small yard garden.

Additionally, avoid applying large fence or taller plants for screening the small front yard in order not to make the front yard looks in a box and increasingly small. Single and lower fences will be better ideas to improve privacy in your front yard.

Old Fashioned House Facade Completed with Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping using Colorful Flowers

Use Red Flowers and Green Grass Area in Spacious Front Yard Landscaping for Old Fashioned House Exterior

Wavy Stone Pathway Decorating Simple Front Yard Landscaping with Grass Area and White Wooden Fence

Add Low White Fence in Minimalist Front Yard Landscaping with Orange Flowers and Green Plants

Colorful Fowers and Stone Details for Natural Front Yard Landscaping with Concrete Pathway and Grass Area

Fascinating Purple Lavender Decorating Wonderful Front Yard Landscaping with Wavy Concrete Pathway and Grass Area

Wide Green Grass Area for Awesome Front Yard Landscaping beside Grey House with White Framed Windows

Simple Front Yard Landscaping for Minimalist House Facade with Wooden Stairs and Green Grass Area

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