Some Easy Ideas to Design Your Bed without Headboard

When you start to decorate your bed, the first things is a headboard. Some peoples think that a headboard is important thing while you want to decorate your bed. Without headboard on your bed, it is can make your bed stylish as well. You can save more cost and make your bed different with touch of your creativities.

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7 easy ideas to decorate your bed without headboard

1. Use your window

You can make your window as a headboard when the window location is place properly. The windows can make your bed spacious and give you a good shade and can be your additional light as well.

2. Mirrors

You can hang the mirror as your bed headboard as well. Your room will look bigger and can reflect your light. It is better if you hang with a big mirror.

3. Decorate with some picture

You can add some Christmas light and hang your picture as your headboard. You can hang your picture using wire ant ake it above your bed. You can turn on the Christmas light in the night and make your bed look sparkling.

4. Curtains

If you’re a type who like simple. You can try hang some fabrics or cute curtain in the top of your bed as a headboard. You can choose with the soft colors and minimalis pattern. It can give feminism effect of your bed.

5. Canopy

It is bright ideas; you can add the canopy in your bed to show some magical effect. Hang the canopy and you can add some light colors. With canopy, you can make your room more private like royal bedroom and magical taste.

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6. Take your bed in the corner

If you have bed without headboard, you can push your bed in the corner and show more free space in other parts. It looks like that there is so much space for headboard but there is more space in other parts of your bedroom.

7. Make your own pain

If you can draw well, you can add some your creativity in drawing your wall above of your bed as a headboard. You can draw based on your taste and get your free ideas. It is better to draw in your specifically parts of your room than draw in all of your wall rooms. It would be nice and the color will pop up greatly. In other option you can hang some painting or wall stickers if you have bed without headboard.

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