Smart Tips For A Closet Storage Ideas

By | December 2, 2021

A gorgeous home will look perfect if the contents neatly arranged inside the house. It is useless if you have a big house, but a wall rack storage of goods you apart. Just imagine if there are guests visiting your home from the front door they have seen the arrival of luxury in such a mess. And of course they will think that you are dirty and has no aesthetic.

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Tips for Choose A Closet

That’s why before you buy a closet you should do this thing:

1. Measure the room
Before buying a closet, you should measure the room where you will put the closet. You also have to measure the wall area to be used. Make sure that putting a closer in the area that they would not interfere with passing and activities of other family members but still easy to reach the necessary goods.

2. Identify Materials That Are Used
Identify the material used to make the closet. This is because the position of the rack is hung, closet should have a fairly light weight yet strong enough to hold all your stuff. As an alternative you can choose a closet which made of wood compared with closet made of metallic material, or solid wood, even glass.

3. Adjust the closet with room’s theme
Adjust the rack design is also minimalist wall with furniture and the theme of the room in the house to keep it looks harmonious and beautiful that the aesthetic value of a room will increase.

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Tips for Organizing Closet Storage

1. Get Heel to Toe
When you want to organizing your shoes, try to arrange it with a pair color, and make a position of heel to toe. And it will help your closet look so tidy.

2. Store on the Door
Take advantage of every inch when you have a small closet. Over-the door organizers can be used to house, shoes, handbags, scarves, jewelry, and more

3. Double Duty
Use a double rod to increase hanging space. While you’re at it, trade in your bulkier hangers for skinny velvet ones to give you even more room.

4. Tie One on
Add a tie rack to keep ties and scarves organized and easy reached.

5. Hang Ups
Affix hooks and pegs to unused wall space in the closet for additional hanging options. And then try to consider the hanging hook as a belt, scarve, and tie to keep organized it. Put the Shoe’s rack on the floor or make a shoe’s boxes are a good idea to keep your shoes on closet to make it look so tidy and simple.

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