Smart DIY Kids Room Storage Ideas

After all, we were kids once and we loved toys so much. Now, as a mother, you should understand that your kids love toys as well. However, the problem rose when it comes to organize those toys. The toys are all over the floor and sometimes it is painful when you step it. You may find difficulties in sorting and storing them properly. Here are some smart DIY kids room storage ideas which are affordable, simple, and practical. Choose one of them which are suitable for you and start to work.

Luring Bedroom With Colorful Kids Eoom Storage also Small Bed Too Lamp

1. Fixed Toy Storage

Toys have many advantages for kids in many ways. They make your kids entertain and engage. Moreover, toys can stimulate kid’s creativity. As a mother, the most difficult part is to store the toys. It is really challenging for many people. You can try to build toys storage on the wall. It creates modern looks and chic. Importantly, it is easy to make.

2. Fun Area Turned into a Bench

When you have more than one child, your fun area should be enlarged as well. The size should be bigger. You should prepare an area which can store the toys. For this toys storage, you may need help for carpenter. It is because you should intrude your living room as part of the fun area. This storage is made like drawers but on the surface you can use is as bench for guests. For sure, it is functional and practical.

3. Clay Barn Media Center

This amazing media center has many benefits. The appearance is wonderful as well. You know that pottery or clay barn has big size. You can store your kids’ toys, DVD players, books, CDs and other things you always use daily. This clay barn is affordable and it can be one of decorations in your living room.

Pleassing Kids Room Storage Using Minimalist Closet Near Study Table Set

4. Peek A Boo Toy Storage

This storage may be the cheapest and easiest toy storage ever. It is actually a bag but it has transparent area on its front. The transparent area makes your kids know what kind of their toys are in the bag. The kids don’t need to open and it eases the kids to look for their toys. They can find toys directly just by seeing the transparent area. You can save your time and money to make this peek a boo storage. Moreover, you don’t need to clean up your kids’ toys after they are looking for their toys.

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