Small Side Table Ideas to Decorate Your Modern Living Room

Having a narrow side table by the side of your living room couch can be the best idea ever. This small table will not only be decorative, but also functional. To emphasize your living room modern interior theme, there are some easy ideas for you.

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Contemporary materials

Some people just want a simple table without any specific design since they focus on the function of the table. Even the simplest small side table ever can look perfectly modern and unique when you choose unusual materials. Some materials such as iron with glass top would look very modern. Some unusual materials such porcelain can also be a good idea. Choose a shinny porcelain table with simple details and modern color such as white, black, and some other solid colors that go with your house interior. Some people even prefer s stone side table. The stone would add natural touch without messing up with the modern theme of the living room.

Geometrical designs

In contrast, there are still a lot of people who love wood. Wood is considered to be the most flexible and safest materials. In some degree, wood looks classic but it can be a modern furniture when it comes in geometrical designs. For example, you can have a square top side table with spiral feet. There are also various kind of geometrical designs with unique looks, such as the hexagonal shape of the top and just sticks for the feet.

Multi-function tables

Modern people would always deal with practical stuffs with a lot of functions. It would be perfect when you choose a narrow table with more functions than just a table. The most general designs usually come with open racks or drawers. It can be good idea. There are also some side tables with common designs but come with some electrical installations such as sockets. It is just as a perfect small side table for a modern living room. This table can be a perfect spot to place a lamp or other electronic devices without messing up with a lot of cables.

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Focus on the couch

You do not see the table as a single furniture in your living room. The table is actually nothing without the couch. You have to really focus on the couch to make sure you are building a perfect composition for the modern interior. If the couch is typically warm and cozy look, it will be perfect if you choose a simple table that can fit the couch but make it firm. In contrast, if the couch looks all modern and futuristic, the best narrow side table would be the one with warm design but still go with the couch.

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