Small Pool Designs for Limited Spaec

If you have a backyard in your house, you can build a small pool that is useful for you and your family as health centre, and can be place for family or friends gathering. Before making a decision about size and designs for the pool, there are some points to consider. Constructing a pool needs extra monthly budget for the maintenance. There are some maintenance service providers in town.

Chic Garden With Small Pool Designs also Wall Water Fountain Too Plants

Ask for the maintenance contract draft in advance so you know what kind of service is included and how much you have to pay every month. You will also need to have more budget for the electricity because a pool has to be filtered everyday for fresh water and to maintain its PH balance.For a limited space in the backyard, how many option of small pool designs we can choose?

Simply square pool

In order to maximize the available space for constructing a small pool, a square pool can be considered. This is the simplest way to have functional pool. It does not waste much space for the pump and the power supply room. Maximu size for square pool can be built exactly attached to the back terrace and it takes the whole garden space. This way, you can make vertical garden on the backyard wall to make the pool side looks beautiful. This minimalist pool will be nice with mixed blue tiles or natural stones accent. With a minimum 15m2 of pool you need to spare about 10m2 for the pool side, or at least just transform your back terrace as the poolside. Wooden or rattan beach chairs and small tables can be easily decorate the area perfectly.

Elegant Backyard With Small Pool also Charming Long Beach Chair

Free form Pool

We do not always a house with usual square form for some reasons. Sometimes, we can only use the rest of the free ground to build a small pool. This area can be rectangular or even triangle. Can we still go on with this unordinary space? Yes. We can consider to use the sharp corner space for the poolside, and the rest of the ground for the pool. Some house owners utilize the available space to build a maximum suitable size of small pool. Some people even use the indoor area to widen the size. This is fine, as long as it does not affect the electricity and water pump and filter installation that always have to be connected with the main water installation.

Lovely Garden With Various Plants also Small Pool Designs and Beach Chair

Mesmeric Backyard With Small Pool Designs also Wall Water Fountain Plus Chair

Nervous Beach Chairs also Small Pool Designs Surrounded Grasses

Seductive Backyard With Small Pool Design Ideas also Simple Beach Chair

Stunning Garden With Small Pool also Water Fall plus Concrete Path

Tantalizing Concrete Deck also Beach Chairs Under Big Umbrella Near Narrow Pool

Winsome Wooden and Brick Wall also Small Pool Plus Dining Table Set

Wonderful Backyard With Plant Fence also Small Pool Plus Nice Deck

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