Small Master Bedroom Ideas for Decorating

Small space is not a matter in a master bedroom. Even it is small, you can make it better by creating inviting and comfortable atmosphere inside the bedroom. The decorating key of small master bedroom ideas is how to make more space inside the bedroom. Make the small room looks larger by creating more space. Do some tips and tricks that can help making the larger space. When you have solved the space problem, then you can start decorating the bedroom with the best items for the small master bedroom.

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Decorating the Walls

The color of the small master bedroom walls will determine much about the appearance of the bedroom to look larger or even smaller. To create larger look, you have to paint the walls in light colors. Apply a popular trick on the walls to create larger look; it is making large vertical stripes by painting or attaching wallpaper with vertical stripe design. The light colors to apply can be the white and beige tones. You also can use kinds of colors in pale option. If you are going to apply some wallpaper, then choose the one with smaller patterns so the room will not look too full, busy and small. Also paint the ceiling in white to create larger look.

Applying the Furniture

Smaller furniture pieces should be applied as one of small master bedroom ideas of decorating. Choose queen bed size instead of king size that will take large space in the bedroom. Also apply smaller bedsides to save more room. If it is possible, you can also apply an armchair that will be your favorite place to read a book or watching TV. Also choose furniture pieces in light color to create more airy sense inside the master bedroom. Besides, choose furniture pieces that also have double functions with hidden storage inside, like ottoman with storage underneath. It will provide more storage of small things that often make clutters.

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Bedding and Window Treatments

If you apply light colors to more items in the bedroom, then the small room will look larger. Match the window treatment color with the bedding color to create flowing look. Don’t choose large prints for the window treatments and bedding because it will make the bedroom looks full and overpower. Apply some items in different textures to create more visually interesting sense inside the bedroom, such as the application of quilting, velvet or satin.

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