Small Kitchen Layouts: What to Do if You Have a Small Kitchen

Do you love cooking? Are you a rookie chef at the start of your journey on the culinary world? Are your hands capable of creating dishes that many found to be extraordinary? When you are cooking, did you bump into anything in your kitchen because your kitchen is small? Not many chefs are lucky enough to have a large kitchen with complete kitchen furniture in it and many people with potentials to cook a good food gave up on their dream of becoming a chef because their kitchen is too small or not comfortable enough.

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If you are having trouble with accidentally bumping into your furniture in your small kitchen, then these tips on small kitchen layouts should be able to help you with your problems. Whether you are an amateur chef trying to design your kitchen or a professional one looking for small kitchen design ideas, you will be sure to find what you are looking for in here.

1. Try the galley layout

The galley layout is where you place your kitchen furniture facing each other (for example, push your kitchen counter to the wall and then put your microwave just on the opposite side of the wall). Think of making a corridor with the kitchen furniture as the walls and you can use the empty spot in the middle to walk around the kitchen. With this layout, every furniture in your kitchen should be easily reachable and you will not accidentally bump into a furniture.

2. Throw some colours in

If you think that the galley layout is still not enough, you can always throw some colour in. Preferably white or any light-colour, the uniformity of the colours can give you an illusion that your kitchen is spacious. Styling your small kitchen like the room next to it, whether by flooring, cabinetry, or colour, is another tip for making the tight space seem larger.

3. Store unimportant furniture

If your kitchen is very small, you can opt to store furniture you deemed unimportant in your personal endeavour of designing your kitchen. Why should you keep that big oven if you are not going to use it? When we are talking about designing small kitchen, we should be efficient, and having an unused furniture is practically an inefficiency.

Captivating Cabinet also Stainless Steel Pan Hook For Small Kitchen Layouts

4. Go for multi-purposed furniture

Rather than buying two different furniture for two different use (like cooking and baking), why not buy one furniture that can do both at the same time? You will safe space and money in doing so.

The four tips above are but a few examples of designing your own small kitchen. I hope this article can give you a little bit of insight on small kitchen layouts and can help you in becoming an efficient cook in the future.

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