Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

By | February 19, 2022

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans – The sky is the limit when high ceilings meet compact floor plans. The homes featured in this post sacrificed some of their impressive height to gain more usable square footage—and the results are pretty fun to admire. Many of these interiors take the traditional approach of placing a bedroom in the loft area, but others break the mold by using their newfound second floor for other purposes such as a home office or library. While loft living isn’t a great solution for the stair-weary, it’s still a neat option for people who want to put their extra vertical space to work.

Designed to mimic the freedom and playfulness of a tree house, this interior benefits from its impressive 4 meter high ceilings. A comfortable bedroom occupies the loft space, leaving plenty of room for functional areas such as the kitchen and hall below. The stairs are compact but just deep enough to contain useful storage cupboards.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

The living room enjoys the apartment’s full atrium-like effect. Tall windows illuminate the interior upstairs and downstairs. Accent colors tend toward the darker side of the spectrum, but the abundant natural light makes it work beautifully.

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Between the windows remains a strip of wall just wide enough for a small dining table and television. Not an inch of space is wasted.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

Just check out this clever layout! A cupboard in the hall hides the laundry area, just around the corner from the bathroom. The kitchen is small but contains everything needed – the white surfaces banish shadows that can feel oppressive as part of the living room.

The decor upstairs is still much more relaxed and homely. It is clearly a space to relax, reflect and decompress at the end of the day. The headboard is perfectly aligned with the window to provide a view of nature.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

Small House Floor Plans Archives

The loft bedroom’s position offers plenty of privacy in its own right, but the closed doors certainly help diffuse some of the sound and light without disrupting airflow – handy when guests crash on the couch downstairs.

Of course, when you’re dealing with a room this tall, pendant lights can make a big difference. These pendants from Sandra Lindner have beautiful copper details towards the top, so they look as beautiful from above as they do from below.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

Unlike most living spaces that include a loft, this one is part of a detached home rather than an apartment – ​​a beautiful example of the ‘tiny house movement’. Reduced living spaces are hailed as a way to minimize, clarify and eliminate some of the complexities of modern life. This home accomplishes all of this without sacrificing an ounce of style.

Small House Plans 4.5×9.5m With 2 Bedrooms

The layout is strongly linear, transitioning from the living room to the kitchen and finally leading to the entrance hall. A wooden ladder leads up to the bedroom in the loft.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

While the living room enjoys the full height of the building, the dining room and kitchen occupy a cozier place under the loft. Modern pendant lights hang low by the table to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Contrast plays a key role. Many of the cabinets remain dark to prevent the appearance of crowding and to hide the shadows of the open shelves above – sometimes dark colors can make the rest of the interior feel lighter.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

Plans Of Tiny Houses With Lofts For Fun Weekend Projects

The bedroom feels wonderfully cozy under its black vaulted ceiling. One group of pillows serves as the bed and the other can be used as a seat or guest bed.

This space is part of an interesting mobile housing project entitled WoodBox3x6, where every square meter of the ultra-compact interior realizes its full functionality and purpose. A realized version of this concept would include solar panels and wind generators, passive water collection and other eco-friendly features.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

Although this home is packed with interesting features, the loft solutions are worth admiring. This home actually has two lofts – the library, shown here, is accessible from an extremely streamlined staircase.

Tiny Houses That Have More Storage Than Your House

A wider staircase provides a more convenient route to the bedroom in the loft. Storage cubbies, a full size wardrobe and a small kitchenette all take advantage of the extra space.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

Dramatic paneling gives this loft interior a very cohesive aesthetic from top to bottom. It’s natural, warm and has a distinct vintage undertone that really brings out the best of its modern side. An ultra-functional furniture arrangement ensures that the residents can work and play without hindrance – just as if it were a normal apartment.

Natural materials and low-profile furniture make the interior feel light and relaxed – a versatile aesthetic for a compact home where formality can feel too restrictive.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

Two Bedroom Cabin Plans

In an interior otherwise dominated by warm tones, the blue part of the section draws the eye with temperature contrast.

Without space for a guest bed, a spacious sofa like this pays off. Sofas with armrests are more comfortable for everyday lounging, but this one combines the best of both worlds.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

The wires in the foreground support the stairs. The shape is industrial but the brass colored coating adds a touch of luxury.

Small House Plans 6×6 With One Bedroom Hip Roof

And while there isn’t much room for other items under the stairs, this bike has found a pretty nice home there. Other residents can use this space for a sideboard or a small desk.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

Here is a view of the small office on the loft level. Although there is no clear picture of the bed, this small area is also inspiring.

This interior uses dynamic angles to instill a sense of movement and energy, overcoming one of the major limitations that a carefully tailored compact home usually faces. A variety of planes not only spreads the concentration of decor for a better sense of balance but also increases the perceived height of the already impressive ceiling.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

Tiny Ranch Home

The master bedroom actually occupies the main floor of the building while an office enjoys the loft – an unconventional but very effective choice.

Guests can eat or sleep on the wide benches that surround the dining table. Skip to the end of this section for a better idea of ​​the versatility of each space.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

Although more difficult to achieve from an architectural point of view, “floating” lofts are visually powerful. This interior places the stairs against the wall and suspends the bedroom above the living room as its own little island. Glass balustrade preserves the line of sight without compromising safety – a very light look.

Small House Plan 4.5×9 Meter One Bedroom Pdf Plan

The low-profile bed provides a clear view in all directions, to the double-height window in the atrium to the unique balcony on the left.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

And finally, here’s a look at a space-efficient interior with the decorative appeal of a truly luxurious home. The sophisticated palette of exclusive materials can make residents forget they are in a compact home. This layout would work great as a guest suite in a larger residence, using the same amount of space that others might devote to a home theater or regular guest room.

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Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

Small Loft Designed As A Multifunctional And Modern Space

In tough economic times, many of our visitors are looking for tiny house plans under 1000 sq ft. A-frame shed plans are also in demand because they are so easy and economical to build.

You can’t deny that this is a sharp looking A-frame shed. We know this because Lily’s plans are number 3 on the bestseller list. Among affordable small house plans, DIY sheds are often popular as a practice project before attempting to build a real tiny or tiny house.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

Can this A-frame shed be turned into a tiny house? Not really but it can be used as a cabin to spend a few nights “camping” in the wilderness.

Amazing Tiny House Floor Plans Under 400 Sq Ft

Working on these small A-frame shed plans can also be a great teaching project for kids who want their own space. Don’t you want them to learn something useful instead of staring at their cell phones all day?

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

If you like to camp under a tent, but also like to be in a cozy and warm environment at the same time, the A-frame shed plan combines both. The floor frame concept ensures that the structure does not collect any moisture from the ground.

This leaves tents well behind these A-frame shed plans in the race for the best contender for the perfect garden house or little cabin in the woods. Get the plans here.

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

Bedroom Small House Plans

Of course, many of us are tempted to buy prefabricated playhouse kits, tempted by the concept of saving time and money. These slanted playhouse plans give you more than a thin build that all your neighbors have. Choose any color and decoration for your tiny house design and of course involve your children in this process!

You can choose any wall color and create a bright contrast with the door

Small House With Loft Bedroom Plans

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