Small Bathroom Space Saver Ideas

Great challenge in design can be found when people have to deal with the small bathroom. There is no doubt that there will be various things which should be filled in the bathroom but they have to do it carefully since the bathroom only comes with small space. They do not want to make the bathroom look cramped but at the same time, they also do not want to get the bathroom which loses one of its functions. Ideas about bathroom space saver surely will always be very valuable for ensuring that the small bathroom can do its function well without look cramped. Here are some ideas which can be considered.

Choose Futuristic Vanity and Sink Design from Brilliant Bathroom Space Saver with White Tile Flooring

Wet Bath with European Style

People will imagine wet bath as a bathroom which will get wet all over and it is true. Nevertheless, this is what people need when they have tiny bathroom. In this kind of bathroom, people can install the showerhead over the toilet. There will also be small sized sink on the side. The drain will be found in the middle of the floor. This is a great method for maximizing the square footage in the small bathroom. If people think that it is too wet, they can just install the shower curtain. This way, people can choose whether open the space or close it.

Wall Mounted Toilet

Saving the space in the bathroom can also be done by installing the wall mounted toilet. It is very common in the Europe for having the wet bath combined with wall mounted toilet. Some people maybe think that the wall mounted toilet is not strong enough. As long as it is installed correctly, it will be strong enough. It can open up the space because there is no upper tank or center pedestal.

The Sensational Bathroom Space Saver Design with Floating Shelves and White Sink near Grey Wall

Compact Stall of Shower

People can get another great option for the small bathroom space saving by installing the mini shower stall. It can be combined with the partial wall as well. It can be great combination between the wet bath as well as traditional shower. The room will look larger because of the openness offered by the partial wall. At the same time, the partial wall will also give the division sense in the small bathroom. Another great idea which people can use for saving space in small bathroom is by installing regular flat mirror over the sink instead of medicine cabinet. Narrow sink cabinet will also be great for making the space looks larger.

Use Awesome Bathroom Space Saver Idea for Small Bathroom with Unique Vanity and Black Cabinet

Marble Tile Wall Completing Small Bathroom Space Saver Idea with White Pedestal Sink and Bathtub

Fantastic Grey Tile Details for Modern Bathroom Space Saver Design with White Vanity and Floating Cabinets

Decorate Appealing Bathroom Space Saver Idea with Beuatiful Flowers beside White Sink on Long Dark Vanity

Complete Bathroom Space Saver with Brown Tile Wall and White Bathtub near Clean Sink

Classic White Cabinets and Pedestal Sink Completing Amazing Bathroom Space Saver Interior with Hardwood Flooring

Brilliant Bathroom Space Saver Design with Glossy Bathtub and Glass Shower Room on Tile Flooring

Add Bathtub Shower Area for Best Bathroom Space Saver Idea in Tiny Area with Small Vanity and Sink

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