Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

By | May 6, 2022

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Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

Full digital version of emailed plan (pdf format) (original plan format 18″ x 24″ or 24″ x 36”)

Bedroom House Plan With 3 Car Garage

Additional foundation types are available, fees may apply. Please indicate your selection on the online order form or to our customer service representative when ordering a home plan.

Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

If the foundation type you want is not available, contact customer service for a free plan change quote.

Additional foundation types are available, starting at $245. Please review and indicate your selection on the online order form or to a customer service representative when ordering a home plan.

Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

Square Feet Modern 4 Bedroom House Plan

Bonus rooms are often planned above the garage and can be accessed from the house. They are designed to be converted into an office, laundry room, bathroom, library nook, or even an extra bedroom where homeowners must have a window that meets current codes and standards.

Often located above the garage, our storage units are used as storage only and are usually accessed by a retractable ladder from the garage.

Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

To add a garage, another bedroom, finish a basement or any other modification, click here to let us know about the changes you need and get your free quote to change your plan.

Traditional Style House Plan

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Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

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Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

Free Editable Bedroom Layouts

If you want to build any of our models, you must purchase a house plan, cottage or garage from Drummond House Plans. Buying a plan allows you to build one unit; after the house, cottage or garage is built, you cannot resell or give your plan to anyone. If you want to build the same house, cottage or garage more than once, you need to get a license for it. Contact us for more information.

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Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

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Simple Four Bedroom House Plans

This plan is part of the collection of ecological house plans and therefore has a wall composition with better energy efficiency. The walls are made of two 2×4 frames 24 inches apart to provide superior insulation for each of our eco homes. Therefore, the amount of lumber needed is similar to a traditional house using 2×6 spacing every 16 inches. In addition, these two walls are continuous elements in order to cut heat bridges as much as possible, that is, heat losses from the inside of the house to the outside. The insulating material used in this wall cut is cellulose. It is a 100% recycled material that perfectly hugs every wall space for optimal insulation. For more information or to purchase a traditional build version, please contact customer service. As your family grows, you’ll need more space to accommodate everyone in the house. Here, moving into a 4-bedroom house becomes more of a priority than a luxury. 4 bedroom house plans allow the kids to have their own space while creating room for guests, in-laws and elderly relatives. Interestingly, additional bedrooms do not have to be master bedrooms. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can turn bedrooms into a home office, exercise room, yoga studio, or playroom. Family House Plans offers a huge selection of 4 bedroom house plans available in a variety of styles and specifications to suit your taste. Our home designs are highly customizable, giving aspiring homeowners more options in terms of flexibility.

Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

If you see the same plan on a competitor’s website for a lower, advertised or special SALE price, we will beat the competitor’s price by 5% of the total price, not 5% of the difference! To take advantage of our warranty, call 800-482-0464 or email us your website and plan number when you’re ready to order. Our warranty extends up to 4 weeks after your purchase, so you know you can buy now with confidence.

Single Family Home Plans has an advanced floor plan search that allows you to find the ideal 4 bedroom home plan that fits your needs and preferences. We have over 9,000 4 bedroom home plans to suit any lifestyle.

Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

Small House Plans 4.5×7.5 With One Bed Shed Roof

To use our search, just fill in a few details such as square footage, number of bathrooms, floors and garage space among other features. Alternatively, you can leave the search fields blank to see all available plans, with the best-selling plans appearing.

Four bedroom house plans are usually 2 stories. However, depending on the size of your family, you can choose any configuration from one story to two story to three story floor plans.

Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

Single story 4 bedroom house plans are ideal for families living with elderly parents who have difficulty climbing stairs. If you want to make optimal use of the lot size, you can also choose a single floor plan.

Small House Plans 8×6.5 With 4 Beds

Our 4-bedroom, two-story home plans offer prospective homeowners a wide range of available amenities. You can choose a home plan that comes with studies, mudrooms, fireplaces, and kitchens.

Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

Family Home Plans offers a user-friendly search service with nearly 50,000 different home plans at your disposal. The service is very easy to use and it offers fast results and a wide range of options. Here are a few more reasons why you should work with us:

Single Family Home Plans strives to provide you with 4 bedroom home plans to fit your needs within any budget. Look no further to find your dream 4 bedroom mansion or bungalow. Check out our website and contact us if you have any questions.

Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

Four Bedroom Double Story House Plan For Middle East Country

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