Sleep Like a Royal Family in a Canopy Bed Frame

When watching the Disney fairy tales movies that involving the situation of a royal family, such as Cinderella Story, Snow White, The Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, etc. You must be spoiled by the existence of the classic yet royal furniture that reminds you on your child’s dream. The most noticeable furniture that gives the signature of the royal family is the canopy bed frame set on every scene inside the prince or princess bedroom.

Artistic Carving on Dark Oak Canopy Bed Frame Decorated with Tufted Headboard and Gorgeous Cushions

The classic stroke of the royal bedroom is now being demanded by more and more family. The cozy yet majestic look of the bedroom presents a splendid idea of child dreams. Thus, this type of canopy bed frame is suitable for everyone at any ages as long as the frame is fitted to the bed user’s ages.

Nowadays, the children’s canopy bed frame uses more numerous types to fulfill the children’s favorite. For girls, they tend to love the Barbie-like bed using the canopy and cute curtains and bedcovers. The bedcovers are usually falling and almost touching the floor with the choice of pastel colors. For boys, they tend to love the simple canopy bed frame. The favorite color of the boys’ choice is metal black or reclaimed wood materials. These materials give them the sense of simplicity.

On the other case, the brown teak wood is being one of the favorite of the couple to give them the feelings as they are the king and the queen of their family.

Wide Fireplace and Old Fashioned Canopy Bed Frame Placed in Cozy Bedroom with Wooden Table

The variety of the prices of the canopy bed frame defines by its materials. If the bed frame is made of metal or iron the bed frame seems to be cheaper than the one which is made by hardened wood, teak wood, or oak. The appearance of the bed is also becoming one of the considerations in defining the price. If the bed board is completed by the complicated carvings, surely the price would be far more expensive than the plain bed board.

One last thing to complete entire royal-look of your bedroom is the existence of the complimentary bedcover. It is the best choice for you if you choose the lace floor-touched one color bedcover rather than the abstract futuristic theme of the bedcover. This action is done in order to add more royal touch to your bed frame.

Now, the choice lies in your hand, would you like to purchase the metal bed frame or would you buy the classic wooden bed frame to let you feel the royal ages. Both of the choices are good if you apply the same theme of the bed frame with your bed theme.

Bamboo Canopy Bed Frame and White Curtain Placed in Comfortable Bedroom with Stone Tile Flooring

Combine Exposed Brick Wall and Wooden Deck for Contemporary Bedroom with Wide Canopy Bed Frame

Place Wide Dark Canopy Bed Frame and White Bedding in Traditional Bedroom with Wooden Dresser

Sheer Curtain Completing Dark Canopy Bed Frame inside Old Fashioned Bedroom with Metal Side Tables

Small Nightstands and Fabulous Canopy Bed Frame with White Bedding and Thick Curtain

Use Gorgeous Canopy Bed Frame and Sheer Curtain to Decorate Princess Like Bedroom with Small Nightstands

Unique Curve Canopy Bed Frame and White Bedding inside Stunning Bedroom with Oval Floor Mirror

Old Fashioned Wooden Canopy Bed Frame for Minimalist Bedroom with White Duver and Fluffy Cushions

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