Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

By | September 26, 2022

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch – No matter where we come from or where we go, each of us has that perfect home that we always want to own. These classic wraparound porch house plans are a design that is timeless and thus a first choice for many consumers.

The wraparound porch will serve as a place for kids to run around, knit sweaters, and family gatherings. With this house in store, the wraparound porch house provides the amenities and comfort you would want from a dream home.

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

Not completely wrapping around the house, this design and spatial arrangement has the exterior transition porch to the front and part of one side. The spaces are then arranged one after the other in a linear pattern that follows a hierarchy of activities to be performed in what order.

Single Story 4 Bedroom Modern Farmhouse With 8′ Deep Front Porch (house Plan )

The flow of spaces moves from publicly accessible spaces such as the Great Room, Dining Room and Kitchen to more private spaces such as bedrooms and utility rooms. The spatial flow ends with a two-car garage at the rear, which will store all the necessary equipment

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

An example of a clustered cozy cove is the layout that sees the porch area covering most of the perimeter. It turns into a country farmhouse with a porch that extends into a one-car garage outside. The entrance to the house is first greeted by a dining room that extends into the kitchen and breakfast area to combine into a great room. From this central gathering space, the flow of the plan breaks into private spaces of bedrooms, laundry rooms and bathrooms on either side.

For a classic wrap-around farmhouse, the closest thing to a fully wrap-around porch is one that covers most of three sides of the house. The plots are strategically located, with access points to the house at the front and a car garage and storage in the backyard.

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

Southern Sweetheart With Wraparound

The walk through the space begins on one side with the great room and ends on the other with the master suite, separated by a staircase that leads to the top floor of the bedrooms. The great room flows into the kitchen and dining room, while the master suite sets the tone for the remaining bedrooms. The covered porch wraps around the house on three sides while providing entry from all three sides.

This layout follows the balance of space designed for outdoor and indoor, both harmoniously matching the flow of activities in the house. A front porch covers the face, proving a grand entrance to the great room that sits in the middle of the lot. This space is divided on both sides into gathering places such as dining room, kitchen and living room.

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

Private spaces such as the master suite and other bedrooms occupy the periphery of the plan, thus giving a spatial flow that divides into private spaces from the center, going outwards. Moving forward, you head to the rear end porch attached to a patio for more secluded outdoor seating.

Nelson Design Group › House Plan 1189 Lake Side Ii, Riverbend House Plan

If you want to have a country house with a porch, but save the space that a traditional one takes, this is for you. It’s a relatively simple layout that consists of a living room, dining room and kitchen that extends into a bedroom on the ground floor. A set of stairs are provided which access the attic storage room and breakout space.

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

Upstairs is the recreation room and future bedroom if needed. The design shows a deck-like veranda that wraps around the house on the first floor, giving great views of the surroundings.

A classic yet modern house with a porch that wraps around the entire house, this layout can register as both simple yet sophisticated. A covered porch wraps around the house, providing a place for residents to relax and enjoy the view.

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

The Gallagher 3 # 37689

The ground floor house is accessed from the front and rear with communal and private spaces split down the middle. A staircase runs in the middle leading to the first floor consisting of spare bedrooms and storage rooms. Let’s see some more porch house plans.

A plan that extends horizontally with common spaces that occupy the central area, spreading to the more private spaces. Here, the degree of spatial diversity ranges from a great room, dining room and kitchen to several bedrooms with attached bathrooms. In addition to the main entrance, several doors are provided at the back. The porch is three-sided, with a garage located in the rear corner for all equipment and vehicles.

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

A classic old farmhouse with a wraparound porch with a porch that runs the length of the house would be the dream. A similar setting that comes together in a much smaller space that includes a spacious car garage at the back makes it stand out as an affordable layout.

Mark Harbor House Plan

Here, the spatial arrangement is simple with common spaces adorning the front of the plan, while private spaces are occupied towards the rear end. There is a spiral staircase to the side which gives access to the spare bedrooms on the first floor as well as the attic storage.

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

This design features a frame in a box and follows a specific spatial flow. The rooms are organized like a puzzle, starting with the family room which leads to the storage room, the kitchen and breakfast area on one side and the dining room on the other, separated by a toilet and stairs.

A patio to the side and a garage to the rear complete the picture. The ground floor houses all the common areas, while the upper floor houses all the individual bedrooms.

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

Bedroom House Plans Archives

Conventional wraparound porch house plans have a more tired porch space that only contrasts with the ground floor. Here the front porch layout is doubled with outdoor space on the first floor as well. The layout of the plan is such that the living, dining, family and kitchen areas occupy most of the ground floor.

A master bedroom stands out in the corner towards the rear of the ground floor. There are stairs leading to spare bedrooms. The first floor balcony can be reached through these rooms.

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

This layout is unique in that one side is extended to the rear garage and the other is cut off at the beginning. The front porch occupies one side of the layout, connecting the outdoor space with the common areas. Across the central corridor, the common rooms are on the right while the master bedroom is on the left.

Country House Plan

As you progress through the common areas, such as the living room, kitchen, dining room and pantry, you will reach the laundry room and toilet before arriving at the garage.

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

This plan follows linear spatial planning and provides a compact version of porch plans. The decoration of the front is the porch that gives access through the living room, which connects the rest of the common spaces. The front is occupied by the living room, dining room, kitchen and other common areas such as the library and the veranda. Further along the plan to the rear are the private spaces such as the bedroom and the smaller porch space for a secluded outdoor setting.

This plan deviates from the standard by not adhering to a strict network structure. The spaces here are a mix of right angles and curves, giving the experience a different flavor. Starting with a modest front porch, the space flows into a grand foyer that includes the main common spaces, a backyard porch, and a garage. The first level is divided into private spaces by a central staircase near the entrance.

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

One Story Collection Modular Floorplans

This plan expands the front and back porch space to further enhance the grandeur of porch homes. The distribution of spaces is such that the central part occupies the common areas that lead to the private bedrooms on either side. The main space is accessible from both the rear and the front, allowing for a smooth flow of movement. For easy access, the garage is located on the left side of the front porch.

Further simplifying the compactness of a house with a veranda is this layout, which has only the necessary spaces. With spaces such as living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms, the layout adds to its charm with a veranda that covers three sides completely with access from all three sides. A staircase provided in the central space is used to access the additional bedrooms on the first floor.

Single Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

It is a verandah house that includes spaces that are functionally arranged to provide the necessary amenities for all spaces. Starting with the entrance, the plan goes to the central space, which hosts the common spaces, dividing into private areas on either side. The master suite on one side has access

Bedroom Open Floor Plan With Wraparound Porch And Basement

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