Single Bedroom Apartments, A Studio with Functional Purposes

By | November 21, 2020

What is the best dimension of single bedroom apartments we can live in? Single apartment units in big cities have been built these days, and considering high price and limited space to constuct buildings, many contractors decide to build simple and small apartments.

Small Bed also White Chandelier plus Gray Sofa and Coffee Table

Apartments are functional, and now they have really functional rooms in every unit. Not everyone needs an apartment with double bed and large bathroom. Recently, as a new trend, apartments or studio provides single bedroom apartments to sell or rent. Young workers who do not have time at home prefer to choose them. Can we create ideas to make these limited space look wider?

Duplex Apartment

Some architects have a trick to make single bedroom apartment looks bigger. They place the bedroom above the studio. This way is common for people who do not like to use all apartments facilities in the same room. They find it better to separate the bedroom above studio completed with bathroom and kitchenette. This needs a high ceiling configuration, otherwise the result won’t be good, but getting feel like stucked instead. Duplex apartment is suitable for couples too. Beside it has extra room for sleeping, this type is unique. People can have more privacy. Consider to place the stairs or ladder in compfortable position that enable the home owner to do activities without being disturbed.

Area Partition

In a single bedroom apartment, there is no privacy if you do not live alone. Space for bathroom, kitchen, and service room should be divided by partition. Cabinets can be used as partition in a single bedroom apartment, but you can also buy wooden room partition from the home furnishing stores in town. Eventhough this partition cannot hide everything, but at least this could minimize the direct interraction among parts of the studio. Wooden partition is movable, and has many different models. Many people from Asian countries use to put this wooden partition in their houses. This partition is perfect to be put in front of your bathroom door and service area of the studio.

Bewitching Bed also Bench Plus Table To Decorate Single Bedroom Apartments

Single bedroom apartments have been chosen by busy workers. Beside its cheaper price, this type of apartment does not need epensive daily maintenance. You can put a sofabed in the living room area for hosting guests, and if you do not want to get crowded by furnitures, just buy only multifunction cabinets that can transform into working desk, ironing table, and a bookshelf.

Adorable Interior Single Bedroom Apartments Decor With Arch Floor Lamp and Mirror

Cute Ceiling  Lights also Bed and Study Table Set for Single Bedroom Apartments

Delicate Apartments Using Bed also Dining Table Set Plus Cabinet

Entiching Apartment With Sofa Bed also Cabinet Plus LED TV

Horrible Bedroom With Ceiling Lamp and Curtain near Living Spcae

Impressive Bed Plus Awful Chandelier Too Dark Sofa and Wooden Coffee Table

Winsome Furniture For Single Bedroom Apartments With Bed and Study Table Set

Wonderful Interior Single Bedroom Apartments Using Minimalist Bed and Sofa

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