Simple Wall Shelf Ideas to Solve Storing Problems in a Small Room

By | July 18, 2021

Having wall shelves in our small rooms is so beneficial. Not only the wall shelves will help you save the floor space, but also this kind of shelves will give esthetic value to the room. The function is to maximize your house storing system. This must be good for solving storing problems in small rooms. Your collections of books, collections of accessories, and other kinds of collections can be displayed in interesting ways in or on this kind of shelves. Do you have one at home? Those wanting to have ones and need ideas, take a look at some ideas below.

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Ideas for wall shelves:

· Have a simple piece of wood attach on the wall to be a floating working desk and have several float single-floating shelves above the desk on the wall to display books, photographs, small vases with artificial flowers and plants that can make the room look so refreshing and interesting, etc.

· Have a floating cabinet on the lower part of a dining room wall and complete the cabinet with several single-floating shelves with the same size on the left and right side that are put in order. In the center part you can have an interesting painting. The cabinet is used for storing dining tools like plates, cutlery collection, glasses, etc. on the shelves we can put on interesting pots, pictures, flowers and plants in vases, etc.

· Have some single-floating shelves in different sizes and attach them on the bedroom wall in a row vertically or horizontally from the smallest to the biggest. Put on some pictures, knick knacks, interesting boxes, photographs, interesting china, potteries, etc.

· Consider black decorative wall shelves with three boxes attach each other in such away so they look so artistically. You display your interesting collections on these there boxes integrated with each other.

· Attach some open rectangle boxes with different sizes on the living room wall. The boxes are painted in the same color with seamless sides. The boxes sides are made completed with beautiful frames, so when you put some knick knacks, books, and other things you will like seeing frames of pictures.

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Whether you buy these kinds of wall shelves or you make them by yourselves, make sure that you do these things below:

· Measure the shelves and plan well of where you will attach them on the wall. Make a mark for the shelves on the wall.

· It is fine to attach the shelves horizontally but make sure you know the size of your room. The horizontal position will make the room look higher and larger, so consider this position. It is also fine to put the shelves on the wall diagonally. The choice is always yours. Be brave.

· Don’t forget to have good supports for the shelves.

· Don’t ever put things on the shelves messily otherwise the room will look messy as well.

Don’t you think it’s interesting to have wall shelves in any room in your house? This shelf is even cooler especially if the rooms in your houses are small. It is great if the article about wall shelf ideas can get your inspired to make or buy ones for your house.

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