Simple But Smart Party Decoration Ideas

No matter what party you would like to throw this weekend, some basic preparation, such as decoration, should not be crossed out from what-to-do list. You might have prepared all the munchies, juices and cakes. Yet, your party would not look like a party without entertaining garlands, colorful chairs or glimmering lights.

It does not have to be expensive to show hospitality to your party guests. With these inspirations in mind, it does not matter if you only have two days left or some dollars to prepare the decoration concept.

Wedding Party Decoration Idea for Current Home with Fabric Sofa and Hanging Balloons

Washy Tapes

The benefit of using this tape to decorate your party’s kits is that it is so simple to do. Even if you have no guidance book to tell you where you can stick those washy tapes, you would know it by yourselves. For instance, you can stick them on the transparent juice glass or milk bottles to make them look more colorful and fun. When the party’s done, you can just remove the tapes, store the utensils and use other washy tapes with different designs to decorate them for another party you throw.

More incredibly, washy tapes are so flexible. As long as you get that creativity, you will not run out of items that can be decorated with washy tapes. No doubt that this kit is surely one of the best party decoration ideas.

Well Managed Balloons in Different Sizes and Colors Forming Unique Look for Party Decor

Fabric Garland

If paper or tissue-paper garlands are just so common, then you might want to try making fabric garlands by yourselves to decorate your party. Solid cotton, linen, or even chiffon can be used to make this fabric tassel garland. To make it, you will need to fold the pieces of fabric in halves and make fringes at one end of the folds with 2-inch before the fold. Unfold them and roll the fabric from the side as tightly as needed. You will have a shape like tube when it is done and continue by pinching the top together to gather the fringe.

Later, tie the top of the tassel with fabric scrap. Get them multiplied and tie them with a string so that you can hang the fabric garland on wherever you want. You can do some improvisation if you think you need to. And, not less importantly, try to combine different colored tassels at one string to make it cheerful.

Basically, party decoration ideas could be wherever you want it to be. Try to dig in your creativity and you will not need to buy expensive decorative kits anymore.

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