Simple Living Room Ideas for Limited Space of Room

Living room is a place for a family to gather in one place and doing some relaxing activities together. It can be either watching TV show together, reading your favorite magazine, or maybe simply having a small chat with several cookies and tea as the serve. In short, living room is an essential place in the house. The creativity in term of design and comfortable level of this room is truly important to creating a positive mood as well as harmony amongst the family. There are millions of stunning living room design ideas you can take a look as reference. However, what if you only have a small space? Here are several simple living room ideas you can do to decorate your limited space of living room.

Stunning Sofa and Arm Chair Near Window For Simple Living Room Ideas

Round Table is Space Saver

In a living room, table is most important element which should be available no matter what, or else it won’t be a living room anymore. Rectangular shape is the common table you often see in someone’s living room. However, rectangular shape require so much space, thus not suited with limited room. Choosing a small size round shaped table is a good choice in order to save more space, not only the uncommon shape give a unique atmosphere, but also easier to rearranged the position.

Under Sofa Storage

Have you ever heard something called “under bed storage”? What if you apply this method in your living room as well? Using under sofa/chair storage can save some more space without sacrificing your beloved magazines and newspapers. You can take them out from under your sofa/chair when you feel like wanted to read them and put them again once finished reading them.

Windows are Essential

It will be better if your living room has at least one or two large windows as medium to let the sunlight come and as the way for more air circulation. Did you know that a room which has windows can make the room itself looked larger due to visual effect coming from shining sunlight?

Seductive Rattan Chairs With Cushion also Coffee Table for Simple Living Room Ideas

Bright Color Pallet

One more important factor is color pallet you use to decorate your living room. Not only about the wall’s painting, but also the furniture’s color. White or soft, bright color such as light blue, light green or yellow can be preference to make the room look larger. But you can add some brighter color furniture such as colorful flower vase or two green sofa as accent to avoid monotone atmosphere from the wall’s color.

Winsome Sofa plus Coffee Table and Floor Lamp To Decorate Living Room

Tantalizing Living Area Using Sectional Sofa also Frantic Chandelier Decor

Wondrous Stripe Background also TV Cabinet Plus Triangular Coffee Table

Ravishing Furniture For Simple Living Room Ideas Using Sofa and Round Wooden Coffee Table

Nervous Living Space With L Shape Sofa also Square Glass Coffee Table

Minimalist Living Room With Yellow Sofa also Rectangular Wooden Coffee Table

Minimalist Hanging Table and White Chairs To Decorate Simple Living Room

Delightful Sofa and Stripe Pillow also Coffee Table For Simple Living Room

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