Simple Interior Decorating Ideas to Widen Your Small Rooms

Having a small house needs extra attention to make it seem wider than the real size. Even though the rooms are small and narrow, the rooms must be set appropriately. A good setting can make people who stay inside will feel comfortable or not feel too small to stay. It is important to comfort everyone in the rooms. There are some tips for you that you can use to make the rooms wider. The tips are for simple decoration to make your rooms seem larger.

Intense Small Studio with Nice Wallpaper and Bright Glass Window

1. Use soft colour to paint the wall

The colour of the wall is very important to apply some more decorations in your rooms. Using soft colours, such as white, soft pink, soft lavender, and cream can make the rooms look wider. Moreover, you have to consider the lighting of the rooms. The brighter the rooms are, the larger the size will look. Don’t apply dark colours because dark colours can make the rooms look smaller and full.

2. Apply big glass window

A glass window can give access for the people inside to look the scenery outside. Applying a big glass window which allows seeing outside is a trick to make the rooms wider. It is better if from the big window people inside can see the garden of your house. Moreover, the big window can let the light come into the rooms. The light will make the rooms brighter.

3. Use mirror decoration

You can also apply a pair of big mirrors in your sitting room or living room. You can choose wide and high mirror to reflect things inside. You can put the big mirror on the empty wall as the decoration. When people come in, they will feel that the room is large. At glance, people’s impression towards the rooms will be grabbed.

Homey Room with Best Wooden Element and Simple Furniture Accent

4. Use functional things in your house as the decoration

Functional things are things which are useful and always used, such as set of cups and teapot and plates. You can put a set of cups and a teapot on the side table or on the cabinets. You can also attach the plates on the wall as attractive decoration. The point is that you do not need to buy too many souvenirs for decoration which can make your house full. Just use what you have.
Those are some ideas to make your small rooms look wider than the real size. You can also apply other interior decorating ideas as long as they make the appearance of the rooms better.

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