Simple Decorating: Girl Nursery Design

You just bought yourself a new house for your new family. After a tiring day at work, you got a call that your pregnant wife goes into labour and the baby can come anytime soon. You barely packed and left the office in a hurry, rushing to be with your wife when she deliver your firstborn into the world. When you have arrived at the hospital, the midwives told you to stay outside while your wife is trying hard to stay alive until she can hold the baby in her hands. When they said that the labour process has finished, you ran into the room and saw in your wife’s hand the most beautiful baby girl you have ever seen.

Seductive Wooden Crib also Dresser plus Pink Accent For Girl Nursery Room

Tears of joy ran down your cheeks, and when you hold your daughter in your hand, you promised to keep her safe forever and ever. But after the joy phase came the thinking phase. You have a daughter, and there was an unused room in your new house for her. However, you as a working dad with little time to read on what kind of room a baby girl should have, have absolutely no idea on how to decorate a room for baby girls. You decided to check the internet and stumbled upon this elaborate article.

Of course, the situation written above would not apply to you if you are not the husband of the family, but in the core this article serve to help you in your search on girl nursery themes for your new daughter (by the way, if you are now experiencing the situation above, then congratulation on the newest addition to your family!).

Why should I waste my time with this article?

Because what I am about to tell you is important if you want to dictate on how your baby will grow. For starters, I can tell you that a baby’s mind is different from ours. New-borns can only focus on colours.

Sumptuous Girl Nursery Themes Using Tree Wall Sticker also White Crib

Based on that statement alone, you should know that colours play an important part in a baby’s character development. If you want your baby girl to not stray too far from the gender you have assigned it to (as in you want her to stay a ‘girl’ and not turn into a ‘boy’. The world is very strange indeed), you should colour your nursery in the most classical girlish colour like pink or yellow.

The second thing that your daughter will notice after she has grown a bit is the toys and the fun stuffs. Dolls came to mind, and cute toys will definitely be a good thing to add to the nursery.

Brilliant Interior Girl Bedroom With Dark Wooden Crib Between High Dressers

Delicate Girl Nursery Themes Style With Flowery Wall Design also Minimalist Crib

Fantastic Interior Girl Nursery Bedroom With Pink Wall also Lavish Crib

Lavish Crib With Canopy also Chandelier For Best Girl Nursey Themes

Magnificent Wall Decor also Crib Near Arm Chair To Decorate Girl Nursery Themes

Opulent Interior Bedroom With Window Seat also Study Table Set

Wonderful Nursery Room Using Brown Wooden Crib also Lavish Wall Decor

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