Simple and Cozy Country Kitchen Designs

By | March 16, 2022

Nowadays, modern minimalist kitchen is like the dominating design for kitchen. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t explore another design ideas for your kitchen. Having country kitchen design is one of the examples! With country kitchen design, you can make your kitchen and dining room looks warmer and cozier; making you cooking and eating in leisure. The good thing is you don’t have to worry of running out of references of country kitchen designs.

Marvelous Country Kitchen Using Wooden Bar Table also Interesting Chandelier

The Elements of Country Kitchen

– Natural materials

For your country kitchen, make sure you focus on employing natural materials for the main furniture pieces. Here the use of fine craftsmanship for your chairs, tables and cabinets from hardwood such as, oak, maple, cherry, or pine holds the major role of bringing up country design.

– Country appliances

The perfect choice of appliances is important in country kitchen designs. The simplest way is by installing old-fashioned porcelain sink or stainless steel classic farm sinks. Both designs are stylish yet still remain functional for your country kitchen.

– Carved tables and chairs

It will be better to use wooden tables and chairs for your country kitchen. However, if it’s not possible to find ones which are good enough for your kitchen, simply make sure that whatever materials the tables and chairs are from, they are finely carved in the legs and back supports.

Fancy Wooden Cabinet also Table and Sofa For Kitchen DEcor

– Accessories

For a perfect country kitchen design, adding some matching accessories like flourishes, mason jars and/or traditional canning jars is the best choice! Those accessories will instantly bring the rural traditions to your kitchen.

Design Example: Mediterranean Country Kitchen

Now that we know all the elements needed for a country kitchen design, it is the time to combine them altogether and get the stunning result. One of the country kitchen designs ideas is Mediterranean country kitchen which are inspired from an Italian kitchen. In this design, all the furniture pieces in the kitchen are made of hardwood, making the colors range from light cream to dark brown. The fireplace is in elevated Tuscan-style while the chairs and tables are designed in Spanish model.

For the lighting, there is a huge light fixture in classic style which is hung above the dining table. Last but not least, the flourished in yellow and red which are put on the dining table become the only bright colors among the overall earthy tones of this Mediterranean country kitchen design. Without too much furniture pieces in addition, the kitchen seems airier aside from already being warm, cozy and inviting.

Radiant Furniture For Country Kitchen Designs Using Cabinet and Chandelier

Ravishing Cabinet and Dining Table Set For Country Kitchen Designs

Magnificent Cabinet With Dark Countertop Under Pendant Lighting For Kitchen Decor

Narrow Kitchen Using L Shaped Cabinet also Dining Table Under Chandelier

Nice Lighting Fixtures also U Shaped Cabinet and Bar Table Decor

Pleasant Furniture For Country Kitchen Designs With Bar Table Set

Seductive Country Kitchen Designs Ideas Using Cabinet With Marble Top

Stunning Country Kitchen Designs Ideas Using Minimalist Cabinet also Basket

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