Several Ideas to Put Floating Wood Shelves in the Room

By | February 5, 2022

Floating wood shelves are useful tools to store and display all your stuffs and accessories and also to decorate the room. They are simple, easy to be made and it is absolutely cheaper than standing shelves. As long as you have an empty space on the wall, you can put floating shelves practically in everywhere. Here are several ideas for you to put floating shelves so your room will look amazing.

Simple Floating Wood Shelves Decor with Dark Iron Accent on Nice Wall Paint

White shelves

Floating shelves are very useful in the small room because they can save more spaces. For small room, neutral colors like white will create larger and airy space. Paint your wood shelves in white hue then hang them on the wall. Your room will look like it has been expanded.

Dark wood shelves

Dark wood shelves are not always making your room look traditional or gloom. You can make something fun with dark wood shelves in the room. Paint the room with bright and cheerful colors then put dark wood shelves on the walls. It will be much better if you put asymmetries shelves. The room will look eclectic and fun.

Replace kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinet is necessary item but sometimes it can make your kitchen look stuff. Replace your big kitchen cabinet with floating wood shelves. The shelves will change your kitchen look more open and bigger. They also make your performance in the kitchen faster since you can reach everything easier.

Above the sofa

In the living room, put floating wood shelves above the sofa as your display gallery. Arrange your collections on the shelves so your guests can see the display items before they sit down. You also can put candles, plants or audio equipment on the shelves above the sofa. In your spare times, you can sit on sofa and read a book while good music is playing above your head.

Artistic Artwork on Floating Wood Shleves with Dark Color Accent close Large Wall

In-between spaces

We already said previously that floating shelves can be put everywhere as long as there are an empty space on the wall, for example, the empty space between windows. Vertical shelves between windows can be the alternative for bookshelf.

Corner shelves

The corner area of the room is one of good place to put floating wood shelves. The corner shelves are easy to install, quite eye catching because of its unique location and of course, it save more space for the room. Corner shelves are perfect solution for small bathroom which needs more storage place.

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