Set The Kids Bedroom with the Bunk Bed with Desk to Save Space

Kid’s rooms are tricky. Sometimes giving too large rooms will end in a mess and giving a small room will let our children to easily get bored inside the room and play outside too much. Here, if you have the kids that still studying in the school, you are now able to thrift your budget by purchasing the bunk bed with desk. The bunk bed with desk is either thrift your budget or save your room space. The other advantage is that this type of bed gives you the effect of certain cuteness to the room. Here are some advantages in choosing or customizing your bunk bed with desk for your kids.

Complete Bunk Bed with Desk inside Fun Bedroom with White Books and Toys Shelves

Saving Much Money and Space

As stated above that the bunk bed will save your budget. Imagine that you do not need to buy two things with only one replacement of the furniture. Say the price for a desk is $ 300 to $ 600 and the bed’s price is $ 300 to $ 600. However, by choosing the bunk bed and the desk under, you are able to purchase the metal bunk bed by approximately $500 for the metal and $ 600 for the wood made bunk bed is cheaper and saving your space.

Cute and Tidy Room Effect

Since the bed is put on the top of the desk, the mess that our kids made on the bed would not easily seen by anyone who pass through the room. Thus, the bedroom would seem to be always tidied up. Moreover, the cuteness effect will also count much here, because the room seems more “mini” than it has to be.

Double Ladder for Dark Metal Bunk Bed with Desk in Fun Boys Bedroom with Grey Carpet

Suitable for Kids and Able to be Customized

If you wish to create a customized bunk bed, you are able to set the same characters or themes for the bed and the desk. If you have a boy, you can customize the bed and the desk by giving the stickers or painting the bed and desk with his hero character. Do not miss the princess thing if you have a girl.

Studying Atmosphere

Since the bed is upside that the kids need some extra effort to reach it, the kids would indirectly to climb to the bed rarely and spend more time below the bed. You can put the computer and the bookshelf below. Even the kids play the computer games; they will also indirectly remember their homework or tasks whenever they see the bags and books on their sight.

Enjoy Playing and Studying inside Wide Bedroom using Oak Bunk Bed with Desk and Blue Acrylic Chair

Fluffy White Bedding on Wooden Bunk Bed with Desk and Ladder on Grey Carpet

Green Bean Bag Placed near Wooden Bunk Bed with Desk and Small Wardrobe Cabinet

Old Fashioned Metal Bunk Bed with Desk and Flowery Bedding on Brown Hardwood Flooring

Pink Carpet Rug and White Bunk Bed with Desk Placed inside Lovely Girl Bedroom using Oak Flooring

Use Metal Bunk Bed with Desk and Shelves inside Simple Teens Bedroom using Laminate Flooring

Wide Skylight above Minimalist Bunk Bed with Desk and Green Wardrobe Cabinets on White Flooring

Combine Various Colors Theme in Modern Kids Bedroom using Interesting Bunk Bed with Desk and Floating Shelves

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