Selecting The Right Chandelier to Bring Dining Room to Life

By | December 25, 2021

Lighting is an essential thing to dining room. If the lighting is dim you won’t enjoy the meal because you cannot see what kind of foods that are served in front of you and you will also feel uncomfortable not seeing the face of your guests when you are talking because they are sitting in the shadow. Chandelier is the perfect solution to lighten the dining room and also to beautify the room and bring the room to life. When selecting the perfect dining room chandeliers, you need to consider these several factor.

Decorating Formal Dining Area with Laminate Dark Table and Cozy Chairs under Elegant Dining Room Chandeliers


The easiest way to choose the right size of chandelier is by sizing it to the table. Make sure that the maximum size of chandelier is not more than third quarter of the table’s width. If you do not have the table yet, you can measure the size based on the sums of room’s length and width. For example if your room is 12’ x 12’ then a 24” diameter chandelier would be appropriate for your room. Also please be remember to save 30”-36” of space between table’s surface and the bottom edge of chandelier.

Decor styles

It’s your house so each rooms in the house should give statement about your personal style including the dining room. Match chandelier with the décor style. If your dining room is in modern style, a chandelier with glass shade or bright colors would be great to the room. If your dining room is classic, an iron wrought chandelier with elaborate details would be perfect.

Oversized Dining Room Chandeliers above Solid Oak Table and White Tufted Chairs in Formal Room

Focal point

Chandelier is often used as focal point in dining room. It is up to you to use it as focal point or not but if you decide it as centerpiece, make sure you choose chandelier with unique fixture whether in the shape or colors.

How much light you need

This factor depends on your lifestyles. If you like to make Sunday family gathering, a chandelier with more bulbs and glass shade would be great. Because it will reflect more lights and brighten the room. If you plan to use dining room to entertain your friends and colleagues, a chandelier with fabric shade or red chandelier would be nice. It will cast soft glow to create more intimate vibe. Note for you, more bulbs mean more wattage you need. It is recommended to install dimmer switch for dining room chandeliers, so you can adjust the lighting whenever you think it is necessary.

Small Dining Room with Wooden Table and Old Fashioned Chairs under Brown Dining Room Chandeliers

Yellow Decorative Flowers on Oak Table inside Small Dining Area using Bright Dining Room Chandeliers

Black Fireplace in White Mantel Piece Decorating Elegant Dining Space with Unique Dining Room Chandeliers

Bright Dining Room Chandeliers above Simple Wooden Table and Grey Bench facing Fluffy Chairs

Complete Traditional Room with Metal Dining Room Chandeliers above Classic Chairs and Long Teak Table

Crystal Dining Room Chandeliers for Enchanting Room with Old Fashioned Wooden Chairs and Laminate Wooden Table

Fantastic Tufted Chairs around Dark Table for Impressive Room with Classic Crystal Dining Room Chandeliers

Light Up the Cozy Dining Area using Wide Drum Shaded Dining Room Chandeliers above Dark Table

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