Rustic Wood Flooring: Useful Tips and Inspiring Ideas

The floor which is one of the most important parts of a room creates various different looks to a room. For flooring, people have woods, stones, ceramic, terrazzo, parquet, chemical floor coatings, etc. Those who love natural look house will also love rustic wood floor unquestionably. Rustic wood floor makes a room warm and cozy. In hot and cold weathers rustic wood floor always work wonder. Another great thing about rustic wood floor is this is always trendy. Do you want to remove your floor and replace it with this kind of floor? Here are the tips before you have rustic wood floor:

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Tips before having rustic wood flooring:

1. Make sure you choose the right color of your rustic wood floor. It is very important for you to decide since the finishing takes a long time. Discuss with your spouse and pay attention to the tone of the room as well. Do you like the light one, the dark one or the mixed one?

2. Make sure you know that there will be scratches and marks from everything on the floor, so you need to have the best quality of wood coats. Even the scratches and marks cannot damage the wood but you don’t want to put on coatings too often, right?

3. Make sure you know the best chemical solutions for cleaning the rustic wood floor.

4. Some rooms of your house are smaller than the others. If you want to have rustic wood floor for these rooms, make sure you don’t pick the dark color of wood floor. Otherwise the rooms will look even smaller and darker.

5. Make sure that the heavy-traffic room where you want to install rustic wood floor not in a light color. This really will make you in trouble when it comes to cleaning.

Those tips will really help you decide everything before rustic wood floor installation. You know that woods are so special with their colors and patterns. Some of them also have stains and holes that may give positive and negative impacts to the floor. Take a look at the ideas for rustic wood flooring below:

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Rustic wood flooring ideas:

1. Consider an oak rustic wood for kitchen floor with some small and big stains and the color of the wood is a combination of light and dark wood.

2. Consider a rustic hardwood painted white for the floor that is paralleled to the ceiling.

3. Consider reclaimed pine wood with tongue oil finish for your living room that is integrated to your dining space. A small carpet still showing the rustic wood floor will surely differentiate these two spaces. It is a long time project when it comes to reclaimed wood, so you need to be patient and enthusiastic when you create floor from this kind of wood.

4. Consider a light color of rustic hardwood floor for your study with white walls. This will be a cozy room for you to spend time reading.

Everybody comes with different taste and interests including the choice of rustic wood floor. It is also not an easy thing to find this kind of floor with high quality of woods. The price won’t be cheap as well. Those who want to have a rustic wood look for their floor can cover their floor with parquet. It is great if the article about rustic wood flooring beneficial to you. Good Luck!

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