Rustic Style Furniture: Why, When, and How

There goes a time when you are trying to decorate your house to make it look au naturel. You searched on the web and found that the rusty look is the most suited look for your new, natural looking home. You tried to apply that kind of look by buying yourself the most rustic looking furniture out there. You have found the right shade of rust brown and then decide that you want to include that furniture in your house. There is only one problem: It does not quite resemble the place you are living in. You regret ever buying those rustic looking furniture because your friend commented badly on it, saying that the look does not suite the area you are living in.

Contemporary Living Room With Rustic Modern Furniture Of Coffee Table

I have seen many people regret their design choice because the design of their choice is not quite right for the area he or she live in. If you think about it, many house design needs to be on line with the area the house was built upon. Rustic looking houses are not exempt from this saying. Rustic furniture may look natural, and they can be good if you put them in line with the context (the area that surrounds your house).

So if you plan to get yourself a rustic looking furniture, you should think twice before doing something like that. Fortunately for you, I am here to help you understand why, when, and how about rustic modern furniture.

Why rustic?

Because rustic looks good and natural if you put it right. IF you put it right, that is. From the examples of rustic looking house I have seen (in my friend’s house. She is particularly fond of the rustic vibe), I get the feeling of being back in the Wild West with the wooden furniture around me. The rustic look is very different from that of the more contemporary ‘futuristic’ looking house. Where in the ‘futuristic’ house you get shade of white and grey everywhere, the rustic look will get you shades of dark brown and light brown.

Delightful InteriorFamily Room With Rustic Modern Furniture Of Brick Fireplace Mantel

When should I use the rustic look for my house?

If we are talking about time, then I cannot give any comments because rustic look will still look good even when it is no longer a hit in the design market (it is my personal opinion of course). You should look at where you should use the rustic look. Putting a rustic look in urban or downtown area is not a very clever idea because it will contradict the downtown vibe.

Rustic look is relaxing to look, so you should use it on the place where you can relax. If you have a lakeside house or a house in the middle of the forest, then rustic look will suit you.

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