Room Painting Ideas for Basement Rec

By | April 21, 2022

The uninspired walls of the basement rec room make your options limited to redecorate. However, it also has great advantage; the base walls give you’re the chance to paint creatively. If the walls are lack of windows, it will become large opened canvas for you. When you want to redecorate again in different theme, the room will be very easy to redo.

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Sport Game Theme

If you love a sport team, then you can give homage to them by painting the basement in their colors of team. Apply the base coat in lighter colors. It is best to apply light gray or white as the bas coating since the less natural light makes basement fairly dark. Project the team image in the best size on the blank wall by using a transparent sheet with team logo or a projector. Then start painting on the logo and then let it dry. This is one of room painting ideas that are perfect for transferring the basement to be game rooms, bedrooms and also family rooms.

Mural of Storybook

If you plan to make the basement rec room to become a toy room, you can use the blank walls to make a background for the fairytale. Get some inspirations from the favorite story book of your child. If you have great talent of painting, it will be easy to paint the images by freehand. But if don’t have such great skill, copy the story book pages on transparent sheets and then put the image’s outlines by using a projector. Star painting the background of the images like sky, grass, and also trees. Then continue painting the main characters. You paint every wall like every page chosen from the story book or make the same scene view.

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Concrete Block Designs

You will get more benefits when you have concrete block walls in the basement because you can use it as design guide. To make the design, paint the walls in the base color you like. Then paint some mortared lines by using a thin paintbrush to separate the darker color. Choosing a mosaic pattern is also a great idea of design. Paint every block in one of all three colors. Otherwise, you can paint the blocks in checkboard pattern by alternating two colors on the blocks. Think the best theme and then make one of the room painting ideas as the theme in your basement so the rec room look nicer.

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