Room ideas for teens: Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

It is very interesting to have teenagers in a family. Parents are happy to see them grow from babies to teenagers. Healthy teenagers are active and imaginative. No wonder, if they consider their bedroom as their kingdom. They express themselves in their bedroom. A bedroom for teen is functional. It is for sleeping, for studying, and also for them to welcome their friends. Teenagers are boys and girls.

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This is the article to discuss teenage girls’ bedroom. Building a bedroom for teenage girls is different from the one for teenage boy. Remember that the function of a bedroom for teen? So an ideal bedroom is a large one. Teenagers are supposed to move freely, right? If you don’t have a large bedroom for your teenage girls, here are the tips:

Put the bed at one corner of her bedroom

  • Make everything integrated. For example, put a chair for studying and attach it to the footboard of her bed. Behind the chair is her bed, and in front of it is her study table. The study table should be completed with wall mounted bookshelves above it. This is good so the girl doesn’t have to own a bookcase that will make her bedroom stuffy.
  • Use a rug to separate the study and sleep area with the place for her to get together with her friends. The rug can be put in the center of the room or at other corner.

After knowing the function and the way to deal with a small bedroom for teen girls, you need to have ideas for her to have a dream bedroom.

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Ideas for teen girls’ bedroom:

  • Use a bright color for the walls of the bedroom. It is fine to have wallpaper with her favorite prints. You can have her choose it.
  • Let her have pictures or posters of her favorite bands, actors, athletes, and singers to hang on their walls.
  • Complete the floor of her bedroom with rugs that formed like her favorite animals. For example, her favorite animal is cow then you can buy a rug with a cow print or buy the rug that is formed like a cow.
  • Pillows and bolsters can be put on her bed with different colors, shapes and sizes. The colors should be colorful but match with her blanket and bed sheet.
  • A teenage girl usually loves to collect things, so prepare lots of shelving. She can have bookshelves that are hung on their walls for her book collections. She also can have collections of dolls inside a glass cabinet that is put in the corner of the room for example, so she can easily show her doll collections to her friends. She can put her collections of socks inside the drawers under her bed, etc.
  • Don’t forget to complete her room with a vanity table. She loves to beautify herself, right? So, buy the one for her with the color and model that she loves.
  • Most of girls like flowers. If you have a teenage girl that loves flowers, you can give her not only wallpaper with flowery print but also bed sheets with bolster and pillows cases, and blanket that are all in floral prints. Artificial flowers are fine to complete her study table. The rugs to separate parts of her room can be also with floral designs and prints.

There are many ideas that you can use for her bedroom. You and your teenage girl can brainstorm each other to find ideas. It is great to involve her in designing her room since she will be responsible to keep own bedroom clean and tidy. It is great if the article about room ideas for teens can inspire you and your teenage girl to remodel her bedroom.

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