Renew your House Look with Window Treatment Ideas

Home design ideas does not separated from creativity and daily maintenance of every home owner. If you feel bored of the look of interior, there are lots of ideas to modify the interior design. And one of the best part to make over your house is windows. How many times in one year you purchase new curtain for windows? Here are some window treatment ideas to change the windows look:

Attractive Living Space Using Brown Window Curtain and Modern Furniture

New Color for Window Wooden Frames

In some countries with dry seasons, cleaning windows is daily job people use to pay attention on. Dust always makes them dirty. If we have more than 10 window frames, that would be so annoying. And sometimes, the dust cannot be cleaned totally, so it makes the windows look ugly. There is one solution to make it easier. Before you start painting your window frames, choose dark color paint to hide the dirty look if you would need more time to clean up the other day. Dark green, blue, brown and black are nice color to apply on your window frames. If you use good quality of wooden frames, and you want to keep the natural look, you may varnish them with dark transparrent coating. And when the old color could not be cleaned anymore, just repaint them and the new look will make your home look much different.

DIY Lovely Curtains

Sometimes, spending money just to order new curtains can be overbudget, and this is not necessary if you are able to do it yourself at home. Curtains can be centerpiece of the wall which has window frames. And every curtain models will make different effect on them. If you are bored of the old curtains, you can buy cheap fabrics from the store and sew a simple ones. Get the size of the curtains you desire, and make sure you have extra materials before sewing it. If you are good in sewing by hand, it is great. Cotton floral fabrics will look beautiful if they match with the wall color. A simple curtain have straight foursquare shape and have some hanger to simply put on the wooden hanger.

Beautiful Living Room With Large White Window Treatments Ideas

Accessories for Windows
Other things can be changed from windows are tassel. Replace the old tassels and get modern look for windows and curtain. A lot of choices of tassels can be checked on online catalogue or direct from the home accessories stores. You can also create your own tassel by purchasing the materials and combine them yourself.

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